110 Superman Pushups Wearing a 25 lb Back Pack

Total body strength is more valuable than isolation training, for most of
real life. I no longer care about size only total body strength.

You can have a 400 lb bench press and still be thrown around be a man
has more workable strength through out his body.

The Superman pushup is a total body builder, everything has got to be
working to get off the ground, the bench press can be done with no legs.

The 110 was the most I ever did and I haven’t done then in probably six
months or more, so my basic training is still paying off physically and

Strength From The Inside Out!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says:

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!

  2. My man Brooklyn Chuck!

  3. You’re sure damn strong man. I can only do 2 of them.

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