Bodyweight training prison style 1000 pushups,600 curls,do 600 dips,do 1000 situps STRAIGHT, non-stop.

Real Prison Fitness Training

Ever since I did blogs about what true prison fitness was actually
like and went against the book “Convict Conditioning”. I got a lot
of people pissed off that bought into the “Convict Conditioning”
theory. I was told I don’t know what I’m talking about and was
told to stay in the gym,in the corner and do curls,hahaha pissed
off people that were fooled.

On occasion I do get actual comments from people that see it
everyday, prison guards, police, and real prisoners not some
fake prisoner who is pissed off that they bought into this
system. Again the book is a nice resource and I do have it,
problem is I never bought into it.

Anyhow read this comment that was sent and it is exactly the way
it was sent to me and tell me this isn’t bad ass!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I did 10 years in Texas prisons
and we worked out a lot, with just bodyweight exercises and weights
made out of book- loaded property bags that weighed 50-80pounds,
depending on how much you had in there of course.

We would do things like 1000 pushups inside of 30 minutes, then do 600 curls
with the bag, then do 600 dips, do 1000 situps STRAIGHT, non-stop.

And pullups…. we’d always do at least tens sets of 30! HA!
And we did handstand pushups as well, sets of 50. The thing about
training like that, though, is that you ALWAYS overtrain.

Now I train with less weight and more reps again, just with ten
seconds of rest between sets and exercises, something I”ve done
for 15 years now.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Overtraining is a condition to be taken seriously. You will know it when you have it because you body will be breaking down not building up. Symptoms are loss of appetite, insomnia, increased pulse rate, high blood pressure, moodiness and irritability, etc. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to get in shape by training separate body parts two days a week. Common sense.

  2. Nothing for legs? I like posts like this Johnny, keep them coming, very informative

  3. For the doubters, run some numbers. If he weighs 170 pounds, and assuming pushups involve 60 percent of his bodyweight, the 1000 pushups total 102,000 pounds moved. If he had done two sets of ten bench presses with 250 pounds that would be a total of 5000 pounds moved. So much for “high reps only develop endurance.”

  4. Daniel, You are correct! But try and tell the majority and they still dismiss the fact it’s pounds moved!

  5. I have never read convict conditioning. Since I did some time in High Desert State Prison in Susanville, CA years ago- I know what convict conditioning is- and it is mostly burpees, pushups, pull ups, dips, and body weight squats. I have read some people talk about that book and I can tell you 1st off that in CA prisons the big thing is burpees. There were guys doing 1000 burpees per day 5-6 days a week.

    I did 400 burpees per day 6 days a week, but this is on top of things like jogging, dips, pushups, squats, pullups, situps etc.

    The big thing in the joint is to have a lot of “wind.” If a super strong guy runs out of wind he is beat by a guy with superior wind, I saw it happen once where a skilled puncher was beat by a guy who had way more wind and kept ducking and dodging til the boxer was wore out- then the little guy whipped em.

    Burpees are the king.

  6. I have a friend who purchased the convict conditioning book. There are something’s in there that can help strength. I did four years at Pontiac Correctional in Illinois. Occasionally I did see some handstand push ups but never did I see back bridging. Most of what we did to stay in shape was pull ups, dips, push ups, sit ups and burpees. We modified the burpee by doing two jumping jacks instead of a jump at the top. Basically it came down to hard work and not miracle exercises.

  7. Toshiro Imada says:

    There is nothing really long with high-volume workout routine-even a workout like this. It really depends on the individual, if he/she can handle it, then there’s no problem, and if over-training symptoms begin to emerge then one needs to taper off so that the body can recover.

  8. Over training ?

    Overtraining my bloody ass ! ANyone who can do that has supehuman fitness level. It amazes me how people think they need a gym to be in shape. With just your own bodyeight, you can be amaed at what you can achieve. 1000 Pushups 1000 SItups and 600 dips. Man, if you do that everyday you will be fight shape.

  9. Geofferygeofferson says:

    Awesome post sorry for digging it back up but man thats a serious work out. Ive been doing a kind of modified sureno 13 prison workout daily now and my gas has improved a hell of alot not to mention my chest is packd at the end. I cant do proper burpees as I have shitty floor boards and neighbours below so my 220+lbs fat ass doing burpees would piss them off. I do stand ups but iys hard for me lol I get down do 5 push ups stand up clasp my hands like in a diamond push up position but with thumbs and palms over lapping like a handshake bring them up to chest level do like an overhead press with no weight just hands clasped in a handshake position bring hands back to chest and reach straight out in front of me then back to chest then I do a standing calf raise this is just to get me into a rythem and get my gas back which I need lol then hands apart and back down to floor touching thighs and shins on way down for rythem purposes to help me zone out and do it all again 100 times total which is 500 push ups resting for as little as possible when needed. Once ive done this ill allow myself to do dips curls with fat gripz ab roll outs diamonds whatever but only after my 100 step ups. Was sick of working out and always carrying weight well this method has dropped my fat big time.

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