I Train for Function NOT the Sport of Exercise!

I am so tired of what fitness has become. I have removed myself from the title of anything traditional fitness. One thing that has happened that has made the fitness industry such bullshit is social media! The worst is the opinions of weak, pathetic people that think because they have a right to speak their opinion matters. I doesn't! NOT until they can show proof or a video that they have … [Read more...]

Bottom Feeders!

We are ALL judgemental, the problem is people keep it to themselves, I do NOT! I judge all freaks, fat asses, tattooed, multi colored hair, face pierced, drunken, drug using, scooter riding, transgenders, and all others that cross my path because we no longer hold anyone to BETTER OR HIGHER STANDARDS! Where the fuck are the role models? The fathers, mothers, coaches teachers? They … [Read more...]

Good Books, Worthless People

How much is to much money for you to pay for knowledge? Are you willing to pay for their hard work and experience? Or would you rather bitch and moan because someone wants to profit from their hard work? Do you feel entitled to the knowledge they worked hard for, FREE of charge?  WHY would anyone give away anything they worked so hard for, to people who won't appreciate … [Read more...]

Men That Curse Are More Trusty Worthy!

I FUCKING curse! And I like it! My whole life has been in a manual labor environment, and we curse!  I get it, it is not useful and even sounds bad at times.  I try not to curse around women I don't know, and don't use it around other people's kids. Unless the women is a dumb bitch then she is fair game! So why am I posting about cursing? Because of how other people view others who curse … [Read more...]

Man’s Weakness Through Lack Of Manual Labor

  Society want men in jobs where men are easily controlled, jobs that build weakness through, sitting and no physical activity and through their agendas of political correctness. These environments slowly wear a man down, he becomes soft physically and mentally, he loses anything that resembles testosterone, and its replaced by estrogen! Men might go in resembling a man, but … [Read more...]

The Answer To Most Problems!

Here is the answer to most problems. Money, health, fitness, relationships, etc If your life sucks, you know it sucks. Too bad most are to stupid to see they are to fat, that smoking could kill them years earlier, that spending money that they don't have on things they don't need leads to ruin. Don't try and help people if you cant help yourself. Work on yourself, get your situation in … [Read more...]

Strong Men Promote Strength But Bitch About Their Weakness!

Here's are news flash! I DON'T TRAIN FOR THE SAKE OF THE EXERCISE! I train for what it does for me outside of the exercise! An example, why do I have to go all the way down, chest to the floor? Why do I have to go to full lock out? The answer is I DON'T! If you train you body with complete "good boy" form and range of motion in the gym ALL the time, and you live the rest of your life void … [Read more...]

Stop Be A Fucking Liar!

If people cared more about themselves had some self respect and actually paid attention, they would see how little their lives mean and the lives of their families! If you smoke, drink, take drugs and are fucking fat, but tell me you love your kids in going to call you a fucking liar! Action speaks louder than words! You can NOT love anyone including yourself while taking the time to do … [Read more...]

Fat People Are Offensive!

Obesity is destroying society! You fat fucks who don't care, but complain of high medical costs, it's your fucking fault! No one visits the doctors or hospitals more than obese people, with issues created by your lifestyle, you are the problem! Society might except this, I DO NOT, I will still stare at you, feel embarrassment for your children, and will be thinking the shitty role model you … [Read more...]

The FREE Wanting, Opinion Giving Asshole!

  I like to piss people off, to maybe put a fire under someone's ass, to improve what ever pathetic life they live, not everyone is a loser, but there are a few that want nothing except free information or to give their opinion, and if they don't get it they throw a tantrum. For some unknown reason these people feel that if YOU spent years spending your own money, your own time and … [Read more...]