I’d Rather Be Hated For The Harsh Reality Then Loved For Sugar Coating!

My blog posts are different, I write the blogs like I'm talking on the job or fucking around having the conversations I want to have or the conversations I'm having in my warped mind! I can't just have the fitness conversation anymore, there is so much that is fucked u and getting worse because men are afraid to stand and think for themselves. Nature is cruel! Nature will always be cruel! … [Read more...]

Most Men Who Write About Masculinity Are a Joke!

Stop listening to men on masculinity who have no experience aside from reading books, blogs and posting on social media. Most men start to help others when they have learned to help themselves! Being in your 20's and 30's and being afraid of women because you are a weak man, or being afraid that she will take something you don't even have, is being a pussy! Young guys who are on … [Read more...]

The Bullshit Theory That Every Man On The Planet Is An MMA Killing Machine!

Lets stop the bullshit! Men are so fucking stupid when it comes down to how it really is. Just because you watch the UFC and you see a lot of MMA schools opening up doesn't mean every fucking guy who walks the earth is an MMA fighter! There are a fucking million gyms in the world and most of society is weak and fat, but with your way of thinking, every man that signs up for the gym is a … [Read more...]

Men Today Would Rather Follow A Sheep Than A Lion!

There is no doubt men are weak today and everyday they get weaker, more offended, more effeminate, while trying validate their choices to become more tolerant, for no other fucking reason to appease the society that has neutered them! I offend a lot of so called men, they are thin skinned who can't handle a different training opinion or life view that is hard! I write about physical fitness … [Read more...]

Stop Believing Your Own Bullshit!

Everyone is an expert. To get my attention, a man has to show me he is capable of what he teaches! I will ONLY lead by example! Follow me around, you will see me living the exact way I tell you I live, it's one thing to lie to others, its another thing when you lie to yourself. Lying to yourself brings about a bad quality of life, you are telling yourself and everyone else you are … [Read more...]

Weak Men Lead From The Couch!

All real men want to be known for their toughness, only a weak apologetic man would take offense to toughness. Toughness is earned, it can never be given, toughness starts early in life and continues until the end of life. But real toughness comes in the end, did the man live the end of his life in toughness or throw in the towel and embrace weakness and giving up. You can say your tough … [Read more...]

An Endless Legend

I write about strength and how men are responsible to protect and provide, to be looked at by their wife and kids like a legend! Legends don't watch tv all day, they expect more from themselves than anyone else, they continually learn and study! Legends don't tell their kids to stay away from booze and drugs while they sit, get drunk watching sports on tv. Your wife and kids look to … [Read more...]

A Strong Man Is Always Respected By His Family!

If you are a good father your kids will respect you, fear you, they will love you, but they won't like you! Your kids are your responsibility, your kids should be your first priority, no women should ever getting in the way of your kids! No pussy, is more important than your children! A father needs to stand his ground, to be strong and not allow his kids to walk all over him. I dont … [Read more...]

Former Geeks Writing About Masculinity!

We have a masculinity problem, we have weak man problem! The problem is young guys today want to tell men how to be men, but are barely men themselves. I have read these guys books and blogs, looked into their story, and they were nothing more than skinny weak geeks who never seen a gym until after high school. You can't write about being a bad boy if you have never been a bad … [Read more...]

The Unpredictable Man!

The way I write cause some people to think I'm a miserable fuck! In reality I'm pretty fucking happy! And here is why. A lot of what I write is to keep me on track, I don't want weakness in my life, I wasn't raised in weakness, I was raised to be the toughest mutha fucker alive! It was unacceptable to be weak in my house. I was never allowed to make excuses, I was never allowed to be … [Read more...]