Honor The Strong Men That Came Before You

After you have read this short post, you will feel pissed off at the downfall of what men have become! First, do you think your dad or grandfather would sit in a coffee shop drinking a "Soy Latte" with whipped cream? If he did, you wouldn't be here! A man's job is to be the workhorse, the protector, to work and to stay strong physically and mentally, because a weak man is an ineffective … [Read more...]

The Enemy Is Everywhere.

Everywhere you look is the enemy! We are supposed to live a civilized life, we are domesticated animals who have been controlled by society to think and believe what they want us to think and believe. If you think society cares about you, you are a fool. People only care for you if they are family and close friends, your brotherhood. If something happened to you or your family only you … [Read more...]

The Signs You’re An Effeminate Bitch!

Here are the signs you are a failing man. 1. You have longer hair than your girlfriend or wife. 2. You have marched in a women's protest. 3. Your women decided you are now a vegetarian, and you complied. 4. You think men and women are equal. 5. You buy into the thought women are victims, just because they are women. 6. You watched the movie "Broke Back Mountain"! 7. You have … [Read more...]

Men Who Choose Weakness Are Dishonorable Men!

Men who choose weakness over strength, who choose excuses over personal responsibility, who conform instead of standing for what they believe in, are men who are dishonorable to the men that came before them. Men continue to lose their way, they continue to fall to the crumbling of society. No man wants to read about the weak man, how he changed his opinions on the fear of not being liked, … [Read more...]

Weak Men Wear Super Hero Shirts!

I feel bad! I feel bad when I hurt the feelings of weak men. I feel bad I make weak men stay hidden in their safe space. Yeah right! Only weak men would have a problem with me writing and talking about weak men. It's amazing that a weak men who wants attention lashes out well hidden because he is afraid to open the door and walk in a mans world. Strong men are getting harder to … [Read more...]

The So Called “Alpha Male”

Today's so called "Alpha Male" is as weak as what men consider "Red Pill" men! First, talking about who is or who isn't an alpha male is a new concept written by pick up men who wrote books on picking up women, I can guarantee in my world they would not be considered alpha males. All men know where they stand in the¬†hierarchy of men. There is a lot of talk about being an alpha male, … [Read more...]

Weak Men Hide Behind Closed Doors

The subjects I write about come from experience the years of study and training. I'm harsh. I responded better when people were harsh with me. It might have pissed me off but I knew they were right. If I didn't respect a person it didn't matter what they said. You earn respect from me, by showing you deserve respect. My opinions come from my experiences of the life I lived, and the … [Read more...]

Depression Is Mental Weakness.

I heard something interesting! 300 million people are depressed. Depression is the number one cause of disability. I bet sitting home collecting disability really helps the person who feels he has no self worth! If you are a capable person constant depression is your own made up reality. Depression comes from constant negative thoughts and you control your thoughts! 300 million … [Read more...]

Men Who Can No Longer Thrive

Men can no longer handle the life they lead. Men today make excuses, follow dumb bullshit movements. No man has ever gotten stronger making excuses. Men look to others to solve their problems and think they are entitled to others hard work for free! Men who don't create, hate the people that do. Men who run from the traditional family model of raising a family will be forgotten the … [Read more...]

Keyboard Cunts!

I will no longer call weak men who can only fight hiding in their mom's upstairs bedroom "Keyboard Warriors" they are "Keyboard Cunts" I have never seen such a weak society of mentally ill and physically weak males than today. Notice, I don't call them weak men, they are now called weak males. Here is something one of these useless males wrote, he is almost begging for attention. i … [Read more...]