The Strong Mind, The Weak Mind!

Demanding a lot from yourself is hard! Even harder when you lead. No one should ever take much advice from someone who doesn't demand much of himself. Not demanding a lot of yourself is disrespectful to you and your family. Too many people expect a lot from others especially family members like their kids while being a horrible role model. Weak men expect a lot while rarely giving a … [Read more...]

School Of Hard Knocks

Today the "school of hard knocks" philosophy is a thing of the past! Today it's the "bubble wrap" society of physically and mentally weak men. Males who are useless attack behind closed doors they can't confront a real men face to face. A real man would laugh in the face of a closet tough guy, they hide like cowards hoping they are never found. I always did better and respected people … [Read more...]

Be A Man Of Strength.

All men will feel weak and vurnable at some point in their lives but strong men fight through the physical and mental pain. It's not an excuse to give up, it's part of life. I personally don't care if you give up, you aren't part of my tribe, or family. Quitting is selfish, it's worse when others count on you for survival. How can a man walk away from his family and be willing to let them … [Read more...]

Stand Strong.

People think I'm negative I just don't believe in letting people off the hook. Rainbows and unicorns never worked for me. If you ever protested or supported a SJW cause you are a brain dead zombie being controlled by the media, these people are evil. The easily brainwashed people are misfits, the unpopular, the weak minded people are evil degenerate people. The weak cause stress on … [Read more...]

The Strong Are Not Responsible For The Weak

Today driving through town I came along a "Fun Run" it's one of those useless events where people make all reasons for running/walking it. What I see is men and women NOT have fun. Fuck having fun when it comes to training. How beneficial is barely moving all year, then struggle to walk or run 3 miles? I train because it has been bred into me since I was a young kid! I don't care … [Read more...]

I Have No Problem Being A Villain.

Can you imagine leaving a country so weak your sons and daughters have little chance of bringing in the next generation, letting your heritage and ancestry die? That is exactly what's happening! And for the majority of society, that's okay! People want to save the planet with violent protests. Why? Most of these people have no children, aren't going to have children, aren't capable of … [Read more...]

Eliminate The Valueless Man

The more weakness shows it's weak pussified head the more fueled I get. It's a fucking rush! My environment over my past 50 years has been blue collar, most men can't handle blue collar. Men are fooled today into going to college, so they can get a sit down job in a "Cubicle Farm" and stare at a computer screen or assemble small electronic parts. Factory work was looked at as dumb … [Read more...]

The Weak Man Is Degernate Man

Lately I have been called a Nazi, Racist and Fascist. Any man who uses these terms should be ridiculed and laughed at, they are part of the victim class of a degenerate society of weaklings. I own their minds! They are emotional like a girl. They feel morally better taking up and fighting against strong opinions that offend weak pathetic males. Name calling is the first sign they … [Read more...]

Men Today Are Pathetic Compared To Men Of The Past

In the last 10 years I called out of work one time. In the last 32 years I called out less than 10 times. Men work sick and injured. Men of the past would never think about laying in bed with a cold. Men needed to provide for their families. Men have gotten soft! They expect their employer to except weakness, and pay them when they aren't there. Men have no pride in their … [Read more...]

Readers Offended.

If you read my last blog post and you think I was attacking some readers you might have misunderstood what I meant. Obsessed with other men are the Trump haters, the man wearing another man's name on your back, ogling another man's body, telling a guy he is jacked, being obsessed with a man who offends you with words etc! I don't respond negatively on other people's blogs. I don't personally … [Read more...]