We Are Responsible For OUR Families, NOT The Families Of Others!

  When did it become the problem of American tax payers to support third world people? No matter your argument, you are fucking wrong! These third worlders are looking to take handouts and destroy American culture! I would NEVER donate to a third world country, first they are NOT my people, second they get enough of my tax dollars already! When I give to charity or donate, it's local, than my … [Read more...]

Where You Stand On A $15 Minimum Wage Shows Strength Or Weakness.

There is a lot of people who think $15 should the minimum wage paid to someone for doing nothing but walking in the door, with no experience or work ethic. If you are a man fighting for a $15 minimum wage it's more than likely you are a weak pathetic male who has no ambition outside daily jerking off sessions to porn. The man who feels entitled to $15 an hour is also not getting laid. If they are … [Read more...]

Attacked By The Sickness That Is Delusion!

Our way of life is being attacked! We live in a backwards world where good is bad and bad is good. The delusional minded among us are completely unhinged and causing society to fall into a state of physical and mental survival! The sick minded among us think kids should be exposed to naked men at gay pride parades, it's okay children are being brainwashed to think boys and girls really don't … [Read more...]

Your Politics Probably Are A Big Factor In Your Testosterone.

Studies show men who support socialism are weaker men.  Men who vote Democrat probably have lower levels of testosterone. I believe this to be true. Men who support socialism think they will be taken care of by the government. This is weakness, expecting to be taken care of by someone else. I 've heard a strongman praising socialism because if he gets hurt he can still get treatment, free. First, … [Read more...]

The Brutal Truth Is The Enemy Of The Weak!

If you are fucking up it's your fault! The brutal truth is the enemy of the delusional. If you're a drunk, you're a drunk. If you need drugs daily, you're an addict. If you're fat, you're fat. If you're fired for being incompetent, you're incompetent. If you're born a man, you're a man.  Social media is mostly full of people who make excuses, who blame others, who cringe at the word … [Read more...]

The Life You Lead IS The Lesson You Teach.

"The Life You Live Is The Lesson You Teach" seen this on a church sign even though I'm not religious it's absolutely the truth. For all my haters, it's only because I don't live a life of a degenerate, because I call out weakness, because I call a pussy a pussy, because I call out people on their bullshit. The haters are addicted to being losers who use porn, video games, booze, drugs, gamble, … [Read more...]

The 71 Year Old Terminator Gets Drop Kicked And Barely Moves!

https://youtu.be/HEZVHE2LXyY The Terminator was in South Africa when he was attacked by a weak pathetic make who dropped kicked the 71 year old in the back, bouncing off him like a mosquito! As the tough guy can be heard screaming "Help Me" while getting dragged out, to hopefully get his fucking melon kicked in! These are the males around the world, the little faggots not man enough to stand on … [Read more...]

Nothing Weaker Than A Man Who Supports Social Justice.

When I write it's for like minded people, people who I would  talk to, not for people I would NEVER spend a second with. I hate fucking sissies, me and my friends hate sissies, we don't like weakness, when we hang out and talk like most men we talk about man things! Easily offended men are ridiculed, laughed at and despised and they get no respect! Weak easily offended men should find other weak … [Read more...]

NEVER Be Bullied To Apologize!

Men continue to be castrated by the vile degenerates in our society. Expecting men to say or do nothing, while others have free reign to say and do whatever the fuck they want! Men are being bullied into apologizing for everything, from their skin color, their political beliefs, the food they eat, the books they read, their opinions, their social media posts and even their social media … [Read more...]

Political Parasites Want To Eliminate America’s Children.

Brainwashed America! Everything listed below is to stop Americans from having children, and replacing Americans with different cultures. Without American children American society dies! Just some of political parasites agendas. Make women more masculine and men more feminine.Give women all the power in court, to take a man's money and children. Even though women are supposed to be as … [Read more...]