Good Old Fist Fight!

Years ago it was an honor to be known as a tough guy, and if you had a tough guy reputation it was earned from kicking ass!  Today nothing is earned, everything is given and the masses are supposed to follow in line and nod and agree. When people had the fear of getting a good old fashioned beating they are more likely to keep their mouth shut, or sooner or later you had to back up your big … [Read more...]

The Man That Plays The Victim, Is The Weakest Man Of All!

People that complain the most and cry about how their lives sucks, are the ones that live with the worst habits and addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, excessive food, are all used to destroy life. People use these addictions to escape a life they created, and continue to make excuses for a situation they created! You're an alcoholic because YOU started drinking, … [Read more...]

Man NEVER Needed a Book To Learn How To Be Man!

I can't believe we are in a time of lack of masculinity, men never needed books to learn to be a man, it was learned through toughness. I grew up with my dad missing all my teenage years because it was easier to drink and avoid his responsibility for 3 kids. Growing up on welfare was an embarrassment! I became a man at 12 years old when I started working it help out, to buy my own … [Read more...]

Most Men Have Given Up!

Men are losing their strength and testosterone from the inactive lifestyles, and the ball neutering at the hands from a man hating society. More men sit behind a desk than any other time in history, and it is making men soft! Men now work in co ed environments more than ever before, NOT allowed to act like a man, but a submissive little boy! Men are NOT allowed to be men anymore, it has … [Read more...]

Social Media and Physical and Mental Weakness!

We live in a time of social media and physical and mental weakness and its easily seen as so called strong guys get easily offended, with a different opinion, that goes against the bullshit they have learned about training through social media. It gets worse when they try to validate their position through excuses, yet as physically fit as these guys are supposed to be, they have no problem … [Read more...]

When Did Men Start Calling Out Of Work For Sickness And Injury?

Men who constantly talk about sickness and injury are always sick and injured.   When did men start to complain about sickness and injury?   When did men start calling out of work because of sickness?   Men seem to not understand, when you get hired, it's because you have a role to fill, in a labor environment, if you miss work someone has to pick up your slack, and … [Read more...]

Most Men Are Gym Unicorns!

Most of today's men that go to the gym and actually make progress is as rare as a Unicorn!Are you training for bodybuilding show?   Strong man competition?   Cross fit games?   Professional fighter?   Are you a professional athlete?   Is your training earning you income?   IF NOT   So why make training and eating SO … [Read more...]

I Train for Function NOT the Sport of Exercise!

I am so tired of what fitness has become. I have removed myself from the title of anything traditional fitness. One thing that has happened that has made the fitness industry such bullshit is social media! The worst is the opinions of weak, pathetic people that think because they have a right to speak their opinion matters. I doesn't! NOT until they can show proof or a video that they have … [Read more...]

Bottom Feeders!

We are ALL judgemental, the problem is people keep it to themselves, I do NOT! I judge all freaks, fat asses, tattooed, multi colored hair, face pierced, drunken, drug using, scooter riding, transgenders, and all others that cross my path because we no longer hold anyone to BETTER OR HIGHER STANDARDS! Where the fuck are the role models? The fathers, mothers, coaches teachers? They … [Read more...]

Good Books, Worthless People

How much is to much money for you to pay for knowledge? Are you willing to pay for their hard work and experience? Or would you rather bitch and moan because someone wants to profit from their hard work? Do you feel entitled to the knowledge they worked hard for, FREE of charge?  WHY would anyone give away anything they worked so hard for, to people who won't appreciate … [Read more...]