Speak Up or Shut Up!

If you train but are afraid to speak out, are afraid of saying something that might get you fired are you really strong? You sure as hell ain't free! I have to wonder why someone will share his training experience using my methods, how his life was improved, how much stronger they have gotten, and not allow me to use their comments in testimonials just to inspire others? If I use a name … [Read more...]

Mass Mindset Builds Weak Men

Why do I write blogs? I have no idea. I don't get any pleasure from writing. Maybe some do, I don't! I prefer solitude. I don't look for friends, I don't need to have a guys night out. Occasionally when I go back to New Jersey, I will stop in see a friend, we sit there talking, no booze or I go to my other buddies,  we hang in his garage, breaking balls and laughing. I have a problem, … [Read more...]

Men Are Supposed To Be Strong, Durable And Physical!

I often get shit about my thoughts on what a man is. I guess I have no right or an opinion. I guess having my first kid at 17 years old, getting custody of her when she was two years old, raising four kids, holding a job, never spending a day unemployed or laid off in 32 years in a blue collar environment, and now at 50 years old I have seven grandkids. Men and women at 50 years old that … [Read more...]

Men Need To Train Today’s Boy’s IntoTomorrows Men!

My blogs are not for everyone. Occasionally, men get offended at my take of what a man should be from my experience over the last 50 years of life. I have never been someone who followed the heard, whether in grade school, high school or on the job, I said what I thought needed said. It's none of my business what others think about me. So when I talk about what a man should or … [Read more...]

Giving Sympathy To People Who Make Bad Choices, Shows Your Weakness!

We live in a time of mental and physical weakness, a time where everyone is the victim, and sympathy has become a virtue! I ain't the biggest, toughest, baddest man alive, but I'm tough enough to turn away from booze and drugs to solve my problems. If you fuck up and make bad choices I will never give you any sympathy, I won't help you, until you ask for help, and unless you are a family … [Read more...]

Men Need To Have An Uncivilized Mind!

Did I grow up in some alternate universe? I can't believe there are men who are actually made to feel bad about being a man! I don't even know what the fuck that means! There are men who actually feel bad about being men, who are these men listening to? I'm really confused! Becoming a man starts as a boy, you do things boys do and you grow into a capable man. An example, my 3 … [Read more...]

All Men Have Weakness!

I feel like I'm beating dead horse calling men out on weakness. All men have weakness, we all have experienced weakness. I know my weakness, but I won't project my weakness to the world. To many men tell everyone their personal problems, unless you are real close to me, I don't really care. Most men actually are looking for sympathy. I prefer to vent and talk to myself in solitude, … [Read more...]

I Will Choose Being A Wolf Over Being A Sheep Dog!

I hear so many men talking about the "sheep dog" as a metaphor for man as the protector of his flock. Fuck the sheep dog! Who really wants to consider himself a sheep dog protecting a bunch of weak sheep, who keep their head down oblivious to their surroundings? I will NOT protect people who destroy themselves through a lifestyle of weakness, who cause their own troubles and need to be … [Read more...]

Strength Might Get You Killed!

The mindset of men today is the strongest man is the toughest, and unless you engage in MMA you are not capable of protecting yourself and family! Strength is always better than weakness. But the strength someone needs is an opinion. Physical strength can become a weakness when you start relying on it by itself. Physically stronger men will use their size for intimidation, which can … [Read more...]

If Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Me, It’s My Business!

Most people think its nobodies business how they or other people choose to live, and others should mind their own business! Bullshit! It becomes my business when people's choice of lifestyle affects me and my family's life, culturally, economically, politically and socially! When you try and change my values through degenerate behavior, social justice, political correctness it becomes my … [Read more...]