A Tough Man Never Makes Excuses!

There is not enough tough men today! A man who has built toughness, is not pushed by adversity to do things that will not help his situation! Tough guys don't revert back to booze, drugs or food when times get tough. Men that build a toughness through a lifetime of adversity doesn't look to ease his pain, by choosing weakness! When trouble finds a tough man he gets tougher, harder and … [Read more...]

Offended? You Are Probably A Pussy!

Why just talk about fitness when the whole fucking society is breakibg down and weak men are to blame. Men who get offended by general comments are soft, emotionally weak boys! Men should never be offended! Example, of I call men pussies for weakness, and you comment negatively you are a pussy! If I say something you don't like and you are offended and try and validate your position, … [Read more...]

A Runner, Vegetarian & Social Justice Warrior!

What do you get when you cross a long distance runner, a vegetarian and a social justice warrior? A BITCH, an estrogen, shriveled ball bag! Add these three you have a weak pathetic man, who is easily offended and is ready for a slap fight! All three are nothing more than a politically correct cult! I also hear from people pushing their agenda and weak culture, as if trying validate your … [Read more...]

I Really Hate Weakness!

I really do hate weakness! This is not some rant about me being a tough guy, but you know what? In the world of manual labor and in an all men environment, I am a fucking tough guy! In have proven it year after year, with my no bull shit work ethic, my physical and mental toughness and my durability! I had to be tough or I would have been broken, and been like the chumps today … [Read more...]

Weak Men Have Little Value!

It's not bullshit that men today are weaker, softer, more emotional, more effeminate than in the past. As a matter of fact gay men in the 1980s were more masculine then today's heterosexual liberals! Liberals are weaker men, they are destroying society, they raise weaker families, raise weak sons and masculine daughters and this can only end bad! If this offends you, you are a weak man, … [Read more...]

Strong Men Have Brothers, Weak Men Have Friends.

Fuck friends! Friends eventually try to bring you down, stab you in the back for their gain. Men need brothers, I won't spend time with someone who I don't consider a brother! Society is rampant with weak men who look to latch on to anyone with strength in hopes of becoming part of the inside yet never take action! It's so fucking important who you spend time with, strong spend their time … [Read more...]

Fuck Weak Society!

The world is easier when you are strong.  Scary when you are weak. So why the constant beat down on masculinity? Why do men look at masculinity as something evil? The fact is masculinity keeps you little weak minded dough boys safe from strong people who would other wise take what they wanted from you, including your fat feminist girl friend or wife just because they can, and you can do … [Read more...]

Why Men Lack Confidence!

Men today lack confidence because no one is held to a higher standard, it is socially acceptable to be less then you can be. Men cry, bitch and moan about what other men accomplish, trying to belittle their accomplishments, because they lack any accomplishments of their own! You can't have confidence worrying what others do. Confidence comes from accomplishment and failures, if you have no … [Read more...]

Good Old Fist Fight!

Years ago it was an honor to be known as a tough guy, and if you had a tough guy reputation it was earned from kicking ass!  Today nothing is earned, everything is given and the masses are supposed to follow in line and nod and agree. When people had the fear of getting a good old fashioned beating they are more likely to keep their mouth shut, or sooner or later you had to back up your big … [Read more...]

The Man That Plays The Victim, Is The Weakest Man Of All!

People that complain the most and cry about how their lives sucks, are the ones that live with the worst habits and addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, excessive food, are all used to destroy life. People use these addictions to escape a life they created, and continue to make excuses for a situation they created! You're an alcoholic because YOU started drinking, … [Read more...]