Offended By Words?

With all the weak fucks walking around physically, it's more pathetic they get offended at comments or words NOT directed at them. Words and comments, can and do hurt people. It's just that mentally capable people get over it. It's the mentally weak who continue to read things that hurt their feelings. The mentally unstable have come up with the term "Hate Speech" Hate Speech doesn't … [Read more...]

Suicide For Weak Males Might Be The Best Option

Sometimes I think weak males should just see that suicide might be their best option. Suicide takes out the weak and makes room for the strong, the strong is taken in battle, the strong never thinks of ending it unless their is absolutely no other way. Look at all these musicians and Hollywood stars who kill themselves, fuck them! Weak fucks who abandon their families for their own … [Read more...]

Fighting Is not weakness, NOT fighting is!

I think people forget I have been around and earned my living blue collar all my life I choose it, and I'm proud of that! Also some forget that I write exactly how I communicate everyday with or around blue collar men. It's offensive to men who are weak and effeminate, and who think they can save society by conforming to the mass mindset. These posts are like the exact conversations I … [Read more...]

The Entitled Man Is A Loser!

FUCK men today! Men are born wild! Society wants weak men, weak men have weak kids, weak kids grow into weak males and cause weak societies. I never heard of a man who ever thought he was entitled to anything, except what he worked for! The Entitled Man Is A fucking loser! I have never heard of men crying victim status until the last 10 or so years, men are rarely victims, victims … [Read more...]

Never Conform To The Weakest Of Our Society

Probably 95% of men or more are physically and mentally weak. They are contributing to the destruction of society and don't realize these fucking soft, comfortable times are destroying what men are supposed to be! You do not need to lift a fucking weight inside of any gym to be a capable man who is more superior physically and mentally than almost man walking the street. Open your eyes, look … [Read more...]

Strong Men Are Tough and Durable!

The true sign of a strong man is his durability and toughness not his one rep gym max or the size of his arms. Guys who get offended if you talk about their safe space, the gym are not durable or tough at least not mentally and that's where durability and toughness starts, it starts on the inside. I rarely knew of any men that opened up and shared their weakness with other men because you … [Read more...]

No Matter What You Think Of Me Matters

I'm not always a complete wildman who hates almost everyone I come in contact with. But I always try to be a good role model for my kids and now my seven grandkids. Yes, my language is rough, but at least I'm not like the majority of parents who show their kids welfare, booze, drugs, obesity is nothing to be ashamed of! I showed my kids how to work, be responsible, don't conform to the … [Read more...]

I Hate Most Fucking People!

The other day I walked into a grocery store and used the bathroom, walked up to the urinal and some fucking savage shit in the pisser! I went into a fucking rant! Must of been some third world savage who is used to shitting in the street and don't know where they are supposed to shit! But I guarantee that wasn't the case, just some piece of shit making someone else's life harder, I just … [Read more...]

Is Your Hero A Drug User? If So, You’re Fucking Weak!

Juiced up bodybuilders are the hero's of weak men, you might as well take a trip to the local meth clinic or AA meeting to find a role model. Heroin junkies are passing out all over the country, being revived with tax payer money only to live to shoot up again! Hero's? Growing up reading all the bodybuilding magazines I was NEVER into the bodybuilder look. I wasn't gay, I liked women so … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Watching Fat Boys!

I haven't watched a football game in three years fuck the NFL and their cry baby victim mentality players! Worse than these players are the actual men who watch and support these players by buying their products and wearing jerseys with another man's name on them! This Sunday every cool guy will be spending a ton a money on booze and food to get fatter and more stupid! How pathetic are … [Read more...]