Stop Being Another Man’s Bitch!

If you are latching on the balls of other mens accomplishments, try being your own man for fuck sake! I constantly see things posted men arguing over which one of their hero's are tbe toughest, yeah little kids did that about their dads, but it's amazingly pathetic when grown men do it. It think these guys go to watch superhero movies, wear superhero shirts, and probably have "Tap Out" or … [Read more...]

Weakness Is More Common Than Strength!

With all the emotionally weak fag boys running around, all the ugly dyed haired jurassic women who are laying in fetal positions when they hear a word that cripples them mentally you have people breeding these value less people as the next leaders! Men who show constant weakness, who make excuses, who play a victim, who look for never ending sympathy for being constant losers should be … [Read more...]

Be Your Own Hero!

Admiring someone because of accomplishments are healthy, but getting offended and defending a man someone criticises because you are infatuated with is pathetic. If you are infatuated with another man you must have the intellect of a 10 year old boy reading superhero comic books. Men today who sell their "masculinity" concept I would not consider very manly. Maybe they are considered … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Feeble Minded Man!

I think people forget I have been blue collar my entire existence and say what needs said. I may not be right, it may be rude, or just plain mean. But it comes from my experiences living in a blue collar environment. A lot of it is just ball breaking, it's just so many men are so soft and easily offended they live in a weak place mentally. If I offend you by my words, maybe we should … [Read more...]

Don’t Help People Full Of Self Hate

All the crying of the easily offended in a failing, crumbling society is beyond pathetic! If you are offended by a general comment and take offense, it's because you are part of the mindless general population I talk about. Nothing worse than a man looking for sympathy because he refuses to take responsibility. People that promote everything love and equality are the biggest haters, they … [Read more...]

Former Drug Addicts And Alcoholics Are NOT Hero’s!

If you have ever thought a former drug addict or alcoholic deserves praise for overcoming their addiction you are as weak as the former selfish addict! I hear people praising these selfish mentally weak men a lot like they did nothing amazing, like they just did something worthy of praise, fuck these men! I don't care if it's your father, son, daughter, mother, brother they were … [Read more...]

Having NO Kids Is Embarrassing To Your Ancestors!

Men that don't want kids are not men! Pissed? I don't give a fuck! Most men who have no kids, no lineage will be forgotten! I don't care how strong or big you are from the illegal drugs you inject into your shriveled balls, you will be forgotten. You are an embarrassment to your ancestors! You may be bigger, and stronger in the gym, but weaker and softer when it comes to toughness … [Read more...]

Offended By Words?

With all the weak fucks walking around physically, it's more pathetic they get offended at comments or words NOT directed at them. Words and comments, can and do hurt people. It's just that mentally capable people get over it. It's the mentally weak who continue to read things that hurt their feelings. The mentally unstable have come up with the term "Hate Speech" Hate Speech doesn't … [Read more...]

Suicide For Weak Males Might Be The Best Option

Sometimes I think weak males should just see that suicide might be their best option. Suicide takes out the weak and makes room for the strong, the strong is taken in battle, the strong never thinks of ending it unless their is absolutely no other way. Look at all these musicians and Hollywood stars who kill themselves, fuck them! Weak fucks who abandon their families for their own … [Read more...]

Fighting Is not weakness, NOT fighting is!

I think people forget I have been around and earned my living blue collar all my life I choose it, and I'm proud of that! Also some forget that I write exactly how I communicate everyday with or around blue collar men. It's offensive to men who are weak and effeminate, and who think they can save society by conforming to the mass mindset. These posts are like the exact conversations I … [Read more...]