Men Who Take PED’S Are Junkies!

If you take drugs you don't need you are a junkie!  If you inject ANY drug into your body for ANY reason you don't need medically you are a junkie! Today so many men take PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs) to compete, they inject mostly illegal drugs to cheat and inflate their gym numbers, these guys ARE junkies! Who is more likely become addicted to other illegal drugs, and or drink excessive … [Read more...]

1 X 100 Dead Lift Challenge

Want to test your workable Blue Collar Strength? The original test was to Dead lift your bodyweight for 1 X 50 reps and it was thrown out there by a professional strong man.  The first time I tried the the attempt years ago I completed it the first time, despite not doing any traditional dead lifting in over twenty years. I videoed it and it's on my … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Loaded Carries And Hills

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to work with my body, probably because my dad was a truck driver/ furniture mover and the strongest man I ever knew. My entire life I was physically active, faster and stronger than most everyone my entire life. I love getting paid to live like a man. Men are supposed to be strong and tough physically and … [Read more...]

Real Strength Is Built Naturally.

I don't respect illegal drug users! I don't respect men who use drugs to enhance their sports performances. In my eyes their accomplishments are fraudulent, not of their own strength but manufactured in a lab. I only care about how my family views me, my siblings, wife, kids, grandkids and closest friends. I know and my family all know I would never use drugs, especially illegal drugs to enhance … [Read more...]

Distance Runners Are Weaker Physically.

Ugis Jocis, a senior from Latvia finishes well ahead of the rest of the runners, on Saturday morning in Augusta. I'm sure someone will be offended because I have said distance running is for weak people. It is! It is rare to find a distance runner who isn't scrawny, or skinny fat! Almost every distance runner I see daily is weak, most look like they have no athletic ability at all, … [Read more...]

Nature Builds Strength

I have always preferred rural areas over the city. My early childhood I grew up around a farm environment and always enjoyed the open land. In the rural environment physical fitness seemed to just go together. We were always outside running, climbing trees, hiking the woods, riding bikes, riding mini bikes, motorcycles, go carts, swimming in creeks and lakes, jumping and diving off bridges, … [Read more...]

My 4 Favorite Iron Core Building Exercises.

I have four favorite Iron core building exercises that will build toughness and durability. #1 Ab Wheel Rollouts (knees or standing). #2 Flutter Kicks. Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts & Flutter Kicks. Ab Wheel Rollouts needs no explanation! Flutter Kicks is one exercise that Navy Seals do endlessly in BUDS … [Read more...]

Dead lifted 43 Tons or 85,405 lbs In 1 Hour!

February 27th I turned 51 years old and as always at least the last 12 years did a birthday workout. The workout was to dead lift my bodyweight 155 lbs 551 times which I call "conditioning dead lifts". Woke at 4 am was in my backyard gym at 5:30 am in the dark and cold with little lighting no music just painful solitude! I wanted to complete it in 51 minutes to an hour, I finished in 1 … [Read more...]

Did You Ever Know Of A Strong, Tough Man Who Never Stepped In A Gym?

Man should be healthy, physically and mentally fit, strong and capable of damage, it's part of what a man is! Everyone has heard or has a story of a strong, tough man of the past who never stepped in a gym. But it's rare you ever hear of a real tough son of a bitch who just lifted weights for size alone. If you listen to men today who train in a gyms, they have hero's from the past like … [Read more...]

Men Are NOT As Strong As They Think!

Most men are so fucking delusional when it comes to their overall physical fitness and strength, or what I call "Conditioned Strength" that they are either just stupid,or lying! Every guy will swear they are a fucking beast but what I see in real environments in the real world dealing with men who work blue collar work, in a co ed office, even men that work at gyms are fucking fooling … [Read more...]