Men Are Pussies Women Are Confused.

More men today are acting like females, actual bitches, and more women are acting like men, short hair, foul mouth and tattoos. This is where strength and weakness comes in, women always look to strong men for protection, they are tough bitches until they need a man and expect a man who they hate to defend them.  The effeminate men are no better, they have big mouths with weak minds and bodies and … [Read more...]

My Opinion.

Men who wear masks to conform to government brainwashing AND wear flip flops are the ultimate sign of male fragility! Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Blue Collar – 200 Lb Hill Carry With Grandson

Most have no idea how hard carrying weight long distance than the normal strong man carrying heavier for short distance. Long distance carrying is brutal! Carrying your bodyweight plus 40 lbs more is tough. If you never tried it shut your fucking mouth! Strength! Grube   … [Read more...]

People Think I’m A Mean Person.

People who are offended by the things I say are pussies! There are a ton of men who have become weaker, effeminate and can't get a women, and ALWAYS say they don't want a women and then lash out at the strong while living at home with mommy and daddy. Men today are going to leave a legacy of weakness, jerking off to porn, keyboard battles from mommies safe space, no women and fatherless! Never try … [Read more...]

Locking Down Society For People Who Lived Their Lives, And For People That Don’t Care About Their Lives!

In our fucked society where weak men have given up their rights afraid of getting sick and using this as an excuse to collect government handouts, I know the money is OUR tax dollars being given back, but most men have no strength or no pride! I think that if you are following the government shutdown and are conforming why not take the fat and sick and restrict their food choices, especially if … [Read more...]

The Fat Hoarding Food.

Have you been paying attention to society and the weakness it has become from the self imposed weak and sick to the overly offended over words? It's really easy to see the fear by the way the fat have been hoarding food. These land whales who hoard food are the sickest and weakest in society, they are the exact people that need less food! I have seen entire freezers of frozen pizza, selves of … [Read more...]

The Secret Covenant (Of Control)

A strong person physically and mentally don't fall for this bullshit, the powers to be hate strength, it's why they continually push weakness, toxic masculinity, fatherless homes, booze, drugs, lottery tickets, gambling etc. They want you to be controlled on government money it's why they took away your livelihood and banned you from earning a living. They opened up the doors and let sex offenders … [Read more...]

Men Who Make Excuses For Low “T”

I said it before, men are estrogen filled because they are weak! And with the coronavirus proved how weak society has become, men have lost their balls, and it has been proved by the house arrest the country was put on! If you are a man that out put a #StayHomeSaveLives, you are easily led, and a scared weakling. Men who cry they have low testosterone and blame the environment for their lack of … [Read more...]

The Weak Will Give Up Easier, Are Easier To Control, And Manipulate.

The government now knows American citizens are cowards and will give up freedom for safety! The formally educated today are some the easiest to control, they have been controlled and brainwashed for years by academia! The weak and self imposed sick are a plague to society, they are easily controlled and manipulated by authority. The weak and sick give up easier, they have no physical or mental … [Read more...]

Shoveling Always Built Strong Men!

Shoveling is looked at as low paying back breaking work and for most of us it is, it doesn't mean it won't make you double tough. Anyone who has used a shovel knows it sucks, because it's hard! Every year when the snow falls the media has stories of people falling over with heart attacks from shoveling snow, it's not because of the shoveling its from men being weak and not … [Read more...]