Men Today Are Almost Apologetic

Society  is creating men who are  ineffective who are afraid to say what they really mean, weak men, even men that have podcasts about masculinity are so apoligetic in their approach that its almost like its more important to be gentlemen than a wildman, i fucking disagree! These guys write and talk about masculinity are now lifting taking martial arts yet still have never been in a fight outside … [Read more...]

No Need To Follow The Gym Culture! There are a few reason I rarely use traditional gym culture training methods anymore, one reason being traditional weights are not always available without planning. Like throwing a cinder block on my upper back and neck to get in a few fun reps of superman pushups, while getting in some neck isometric work. I personally I  have had access to weights without … [Read more...]

Easy Training Is Bitch Training

The other day was looking for a new Ab Wheel or as we call it "The upper body wheel" and it appears the wheel is making a comeback, but they are making some faggy aero dynamic curvy handles, or big foam handles so a man doesn't get a callous on his soft girls hands! I bought one with foam handles a while back and cut the fucking foam off the handles! Easy is not training! The "Gym … [Read more...]

Be Durable, Build Toughness! Not all training is equal! I was asked if I train on a schedule, have a certain program I stay on, and the answer is NO! Training different everyday seems to keep me fresh, and improving, more than when I was on a program that required me to train with weights on a strict schedule. A man can get physically fit and strong using almost anything, does it look … [Read more...]

Backyard Blue Collar Conditioning

Getting strong and conditioned doesn't take any skill or equipment just hard and work and the will to get harder! Blue collar strength and conditioning has kept men strong since the beginning of time and the gym culture has changed that, society has changed that! Weak societies breed weak people! Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Prisoner Squat Thrusts/Ab Wheel Rollouts Circuit

Sometimes the simplest things bring the biggest results, I know for a fact people have bought into main stream training philosophy. Mainstream training is following what everyone else is doing, and getting same results. Little short circuits can and will put you on your ass! People spend time doing long sessions with no real urgency! This above workout could … [Read more...]

The No Pain No Gain Myth

  We have all heard the saying "No Pain No Gain" where did the saying come from? It is another gym term actually made popular in the 1980's by Jane Fonda. I think that most people that believe the "No Pain, No Gain"philosophy is missing the point. I do believe in pain for gain, physically and mentally, all accomplishment worth while take hard work, and discomfort, discomfort … [Read more...]

Old School Natural Strength!

People seem to forget I'm not a gym owner, or live in the gym, train people in the gym, I haven't been in a traditional gym in over 20 years, I never train traditional reps and sets, I use mostly bodyweight type training with added weight, rarely train more than 10 minutes a day, but have an above average level of strength and conditioning! I live my life … [Read more...]

Eating A Vegetarian Diet Will Not Give You The Strength Of A Gorilla!

Vegetarians like to validate their claim that the strongest animals on the planet are plant eaters, and its because they are plant eaters that they are so strong and powerful. Has anyone ever seen a really massive 600 lb human vegetarian? Has anyone ever seen a really strong, vegetarian that sits around all day? Gorillas aren't massive and strong because they are sitting around all day … [Read more...]

Men NEVER Needed The Gym!

In the past men never needed to go to the gym, the gym never existed for the manual laborer, men never thought about building strength, muscle, getting testosterone therapy or taking steroids or whether they had 18" arms, that was invented by the "Gym Culture" Men of the past had to be hard to earn a living, whether … [Read more...]