Street Fighting 101

Lets stop the fucking bullshit!  No matter what you think, everyone is a NOT a trained fighter, a pro boxer or a world class MMA fighter! It's not the case. Even though you swear you are an expert because you wear TAP OUT or UFC shirts and hats! You're NOT an expert if you have never been slapped in the mouth, this is true for most today's 20 somethings, who have been protected by mommy … [Read more...]


Building a rugged type of physical fitness is important outside the gym, outside the gym is where real shit happens! I have become Anti Gym over the years because its just like anything else today, everything is getting weaker, the men are getting weaker, and their excuses are getting weaker! Carrying a 135 lb barbell is not as easy, a trap bar is easier and it's why people use … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training-Navy Seal Inspired Workout

After reading the book "Make Your Bed" written by a 37 year Navy Seal, it made me want to do some flutter kicks and 8 count bodybuilders with a 50 lb Rock carry between exercises. This was done for 30 minutes and a great simple workout. I added the rock carry to make it a little more painful! Workouts like this will test your physical and mental toughness! Are you tough … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Standing Ab Wheel Rollout using a 135 lb Barbell

This was a tougher exercise than I thought using a 135 lb barbell, a little higher off the ground makes it easier, but the weight takes away from the height. Train! Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Isometrics/Bodyweight Training/Weighted Carries

It doesn't take a lot of complicated training to get in a great workout. Weak men make training complicated, they are always looking for the newest training program everyone else is following. Follow everyone else and get the same results! Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

110 Superman Pushups Wearing a 25 lb Back Pack

Total body strength is more valuable than isolation training, for most of real life. I no longer care about size only total body strength. You can have a 400 lb bench press and still be thrown around be a man has more workable strength through out his body. The Superman pushup is a total body builder, everything has got to be working to get off the ground, the bench press can be done with … [Read more...]

Eating The Cow = Testosterone, Eating The Grains They Feed The Cow = Estrogen!

Grains are used to fatten hogs and cattle, grains are also used to fatten man! ~Johnny Grube~ Instead of eating the grains they feed to the cows, eat the cow! When I was bulking up I ate a pound of pasta a day and drank a gallon of milk trained heavy and I fattened like a hog ready for slaughter, I want to be big as fast as possible with out drugs, and eventually weighed 240 lbs at … [Read more...]

The Strong Man Who Promotes Weakness and Sympathy!

There was a time men were hard, a time when sympathy wasn't a word! Been a Blue Collar worker for over 30 years, and training longer, but NEVER talk injury! I still don't know why big strong men take injury selfies, and want to show the world they are weak and are vulnerable! I have seen supposed strong men cry about their marriage falling apart, their alcohol and or drug use, yet still … [Read more...]

The Supplement, Post Workout Drink Myth!

The fitness industry has been pushing all types of supplements, vitamins powders for years and most people will spend huge amounts of money on things that have not been proven! Fat burners were nothing more than massive amounts of caffeine, testosterone builders are proven useless, you are better off eating eggs if you want higher testosterone, and it's cheaper! When I was bulking up, … [Read more...]

Stop Building Egos, Build Workable Strength!

Blue Collar work will build useable strength, the strength that is really useful, if you getting hurt in the gym, you won't be able to last in the world of manual labor, for very long! I believe men should train to benefit themselves out side the gym, being gym strong rarely crosses over outside the gym. Piss and moan all you want, I have seen gym strong men who … [Read more...]