Punch Proof Core Training!

I believe in short workouts, doing all you can in the shortest time you give yourself. Working out an hour a day, at a slow pace, helps you work at a slow pace. Dangerous situations happen fast and don't last very long, but leave wreckage in their path! I try to explain this often, but few pay attention. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=36s&v=cAx2COT1JVk# I condition myself for … [Read more...]

Unscheduled Training For Physical and Mental Toughness

It's been over 20 years since I stepped in side a commercial gym. I hated what the gym was like over 20 years ago, now it's laughable. With all the knowledge, supplements, steroids, books, apps, etc men are fucking weaker than ever, emotional bitches, easily offended, and men who idolize juiced up men who lack any character! I train in solitude, needing no one to drive me, except my own … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – 100 Stepups/100 Superman Pushups

Just another workout to show that it's only excuses that make you weak! https://youtu.be/_Gx4vBanNl8 You lose strength and control when you make excuses! You are in charge, no one cares about your excuses, actually people want you weak, so many live weak, excuse filled lives, they want company. Stand away, lose your weak friends and stay strong, better to be strong and have few … [Read more...]

Wildman Conditioned Strength #1

Years ago I did the type of training that was only useful for the specific exercises I trained for. Runners who only run, are capable of basically running. Runners who don't do pushups, can't do a lot of pushups, just because they run. A guy that has a big bench press will not mean he's a great swimmer. Most people train for the gym! https://youtu.be/cS27wUd0nQs I train for … [Read more...]

50th Birthday Workout!

February 27 th I celebrated my 50 th birthday, half a fucking century! So like I do every year I do a birthday feat! 500 Step ups/250 Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts wearing 50 extra pounds a 30 lb back pack and two 10 lb ankle weights. 50 step ups/25 ab wheel rollouts for 10 rounds to be done in 50 minutes. That is each round has to be done in five minutes! 20 lb ankle weights make step … [Read more...]

Isometrics The Forgotten Secret Of Strength

What do most old time strong men, old school trainers, and athletes have in common? Most of them trained using Isometrics. Isometrics are NOT what most people think they are, they are serious business. All todays professional strong men like Bud Jeffries, Steve Justa and Steve Maxwell and many more, are users of Isometrics. It is foreign to most men in today's fitness … [Read more...]

Reverse Weighted Isometric Plank.

A great body conditioner is the "Reverse Plank" and it is a simple and very effective that you will feel through the entire body. Strength comes from a lot of things, but most believe the gym is the only place to get strong. I know longer try and convince people, because I really don't care! Reverse Plank is even harder with added weight, building more strength a … [Read more...]

Ab Wheel 50 Rep Challenge!

I'm a big fan of the old school training tool the "Ab Wheel"  since I was a teenager thought it was the best exercise for building a punch and kick proof body! I have used the ab wheel through the years but very sparingly until about 5 years ago when I started using it weekly, and never realized the higher reps were more of a workout than most people could ever handle. Anything over 50 reps … [Read more...]

Strong Men Do Weighted Pushup Holds, Weak Men Do Forearm Planks!

Yes, another boring Weighted Isometric Pushup for time. I love these isometric holds because they are toughness builders. The longer your muscles are under tension, the stronger you get. https://youtu.be/7Bwlwex8DN4 What I do hate is men who do forearm planks, that is such a bitch exercise focusing entirely on abs, a women's exercise! The forearm plank is ONLY acceptable if you are … [Read more...]

Isometric Pushups Build Strength And Toughness.

I have showed people for years how a few minutes one time a day, or a few times a day, can dramatically change your thoughts of how you can build strength and conditioning far more impressive than entering any gym. https://youtu.be/xAYp3Mru-EQ For instance most people brag about how many pushups they can do, but what about how strong your body is under tension. Muscle under tension is … [Read more...]