Old School Natural Strength!

People seem to forget I'm not a gym owner, or live in the gym, train people in the gym, I haven't been in a traditional gym in over 20 years, I never train traditional reps and sets, I use mostly bodyweight type training with added weight, rarely train more than 10 minutes a day, but have an above average level of strength and conditioning! I live my life … [Read more...]

Eating A Vegetarian Diet Will Not Give You The Strength Of A Gorilla!

Vegetarians like to validate their claim that the strongest animals on the planet are plant eaters, and its because they are plant eaters that they are so strong and powerful. Has anyone ever seen a really massive 600 lb human vegetarian? Has anyone ever seen a really strong, vegetarian that sits around all day? Gorillas aren't massive and strong because they are sitting around all day … [Read more...]

Men NEVER Needed The Gym!

In the past men never needed to go to the gym, the gym never existed for the manual laborer, men never thought about building strength, muscle, getting testosterone therapy or taking steroids or whether they had 18" arms, that was invented by the "Gym Culture" https://youtu.be/eSndU9US98s   https://youtu.be/3tnJYa6ooUY Men of the past had to be hard to earn a living, whether … [Read more...]

Most Men Do Slow Road Work, Because Conditioning Is To Tough!

I have spent the last 20 years of my training looking for the most effective ways to build amazing "Conditioned Strength" and have narrowed it down to a few exercises, probably under 10 and at some point I might name them, or I might just keep them to myself. Despite what the "Fitness Culture" would have you believe its a lot easier than most think. I have read and studied and trained … [Read more...]

Isometrics Will Test Your Strength!

Most men go to the gym because they don't know any other way to become strong and conditioned. They have been fed bullshit that they need to do exercises like the bench press or behind the neck presses, and that the gym is the only place that strength can be built! I believed the same BULLSHIT! https://youtu.be/IkG2rppN1jE So after 30 plus years of training and reading everything from … [Read more...]

Manual Labor Strength, Toughness & Durability

Strength comes in many forms, the most natural way in my opinion is the way man was meant to exercise, with daily physical labor. My training ideas have changed over the years, from hard core gym training, to training in solitude, from lifting heavy weights, to bodyweight training, to the most basic training with least amount of training equipment. If you dont get sucked into the "Gym … [Read more...]

Exercise Is Natural To Man!

https://youtu.be/F_l5zzw2vSc If more men would spend more time outdoors doing the things that kept them young, they would be in better shape physically and mentally. Just doing an exercise like climbing a swing set to in the park makes you feel younger. Most spend their bulk of exercise inside a gym, aspiring to bench as much as possible, essentially wrecking their shoulders as they … [Read more...]

Train For FUCKING Durability!

Yo man, I keep telling you about the different kinds of strength found in gyms and the ones you find outside the gym, but because of the brainwashing and the best marketing that determines what we tend to believe. I never said going to the traditional gym is useless, I just said that there are other ways to strength and conditioning then in the traditional settings.  Before there were gyms … [Read more...]

Training Outdoors is Natural to Man.

I was always active my entire life, was strong and fast as a kid in grade school, ALWAYS scoring high in physical fitness tests in school, was always one of the fastest, could do a lot of chinups, situps, and pushups despite NOT training! https://youtu.be/vaFV78rJZkA The above video is something almost any active kid could have done as a young teenager, that MOST men could not do today, I … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – 250 Superman Pushups in under 9 Minutes

I'm 49 years old, I eat natural foods, I don't eat grains, few starches, I eat meat, chicken, lots of eggs some dairy and a lot of water. I train no more than 5 to 15 minutes a day, unless I'm testing myself. https://youtu.be/wos_GH_Rg8w Yet I'm able to do things like 250 Superman Pushups after an 11 hour work day of manual labor! Talk about all the training you do, the long running, … [Read more...]