Train To Be Durable NOT Broken!

The gym mentality of men in the gym, are the bigger you are, the more self worth you have. Size doesn't always equal strength. As a matter of fact, pound for pound men who weigh less are usually stronger. I love nothing more than doing an unplanned workout, in street or work clothes. I'll work all day, come home cut the grass wearing a 40 lb weight vest … [Read more...]

Unnecessary Rest When Training Builds Weakness

Unnecessary rest when training builds weakness! I train the way that benefits my life, not the mass minded gym mentality. When I train I need to get tougher, I train to be able to survive, I train to be ready at all times. Men that train for the gym are only prepared for the gym! Workout: 50 lb plate jump on and off and bench 5 times and 1 - 70 lb … [Read more...]

Superhuman Conditioning, The Blue Collar Way!

I doesn't take long to get in an effective training workout that will build strength and almost superhuman conditioning. By superhuman I mean, compared to today's degenerate weak society, the way people people live their lives, it is not hard to be superhuman! People that think driving to a gym to walk fast on a treadmill is a workout that is more superior to opening your door and walking … [Read more...]

Not All Strength Is Created Equal

Not all strength is created equal. Today the majority of men who go to the gym, rarely get stronger than a 1980's high school senior! Men have no purpose other than looking good in the mirror, talking about lifting heavy, but their numbers are not heavy! I see on social media guys that post their lifts and I have to wonder did you do anything as a kid? Did you participate in anything … [Read more...]

Weighted Ab Wheel Rollouts And Samson Chair Will Make A Man Almost Inmovable!

Most men will tell you 100 lbs is not a lot of weight because most men sit on their ass all day, and then go to the gym to bench press, squat and dead lift. Most men lifting a 100 lbs NOT on a balanced bar would find out 100 lbs can be pretty heavy! I sometimes use a 100 lbs to do hundreds of reps to mimic manual labor. I also use weighted barbells to do … [Read more...]

Men Are As Weak As Society Dictates!

In the past men had to be strong or die, the weak had to be protected or die. Men didn't need a gym in harsh times, just living built physical and mental toughness. Today's man is basically a man brought up on Christian values, and I believe some are good and others bad, I am not a religious guy, I tried it, it didn't work for me. The life of hypocrisy that most religiously people live is … [Read more...]

Bragging About Injuries Should Bring You Shame NOT Honor!

I was listening to a podcast and listened to a 45 year old steroid powerlifter talk about his hip replacement! A hip replacement at 45! How strong can you really be? How does destroying your body make sense? Men really think going to the gym is fighting some big battle, that weights are the enemy, but they seem to be losing the war! Injury makes you weaker, never stronger! Men talk … [Read more...]

Isometric Training Is Hard Training!

Isometrics will toughen up your mind and body, and also heal your mind and body. Most men are too smart and educated to fall for isometric training as an effective training tool. I'll stick with the old time athletes and strong men who used them as part of their daily training. I love the forgotten secrets of strength and conditioning, few ever go to … [Read more...]

Today’s Men Lack Primal Ball Juice!

Men today lack testosterone, it's lower then it's ever been. Testosterone is essential for a man to stay a man. Young guys are so pathetic, they go right to testosterone therapy instead of actually working hard, then write about masculinity and their "Red Pill" theory they know nothing about! Today men are getting weaker, fatter, more effeminate, having less kids, refuse marriage and … [Read more...]

Why Do I Record My Entire Workouts?

Do any of you know why I record my entire workout? 1. I have no one videoing me, I train in solitude. 2. I'm NOT going to stop my workout, just to shut down the video. 3. Very few actually show their workouts, gurus seem to show an exercise but never show actual workouts. And IF they show the workouts it's edited, and you have no idea what they can really do. 4. I do it to give people … [Read more...]