Men That Look The Other Way Are Of Less Value.

I said it before and I will say it again, if YOU wear a mask because you are afraid of confrontation or what someone might say, or are just plain afraid you are a pussy!  Men today would rather video a crime than actually help. A women was raped on a train in Philadelphia no one helped they just videoed the crime, not one person helped the women! If this happened years ago the rapist would have … [Read more...]

Are YOU A Man Who Is Worried About Wearing Masks And Being VAXXED?

If so, NEVER ever call yourself a man! Please NEVER have children!  I don't care about your reasons, because the real reason for your constant mask wearing and seeing how many times you can be vaxxed is because you are a pussy!You are afraid because you can't think for yourself, you claim educated but refuse to think for yourself. You're also probably a fat out of shape candy bar eating, soda … [Read more...]

Men Are The Reason Why Society Is Falling!

I haven't blogged in a long time. Why? I have been watching society fall apart and watching weak men continue to destroy society as we know it. Men have given away their power and have become more brain washed and feminine, while women have become more masculine and men want to blame the women for the lack of feminine women.Really, think about the male wearing skinny jeans and flip flops, think … [Read more...]

Where Do You Stand?

Today more than ever we lack discipline. It's become too easy and comfortable. You heard the comment hard times make strong men and weak times make weak men. We live so comfortable we make up shit to complain about, our reality has become distorted from indoctrination from ALL media, TV, Hollywood, politicians, and the biggest one social media. Add in booze, and drugs and you have a country of … [Read more...]

Making Excuses Is NOT Taking Responsibility!

To many people blame others or other things as to the reason for their situation in life.  If you are a man and married and are abusive because you drink to much and your wife leaves you and you now have child support to pay, it's not your wife's fault your paying child support, it's your fault for not controlling your booze intake. If your job sucks and you stay, it's your fault, not the economy, … [Read more...]

Fat People Are Dumber People.

No one has ever had an intelligent conversation with a fat person, why? Because fat people are usually slothful.  I'm not talking about men who put on intentional weight for strength training or sports, I'm talking about the everyday weak minded doughboy. Fat people don't read nonfiction, they usually read fiction and watch a lot of tv, a lot of these fat guys watch a lot of sports they no longer … [Read more...]

Banned From Youtube.

You know when you get banned on social media it's because you hurt someone's feelings. Idiots really believe that people should never get offended. The problem is the people getting offended are people who hate the truth, their truth. Call out weakness in society you are on the wrong side of the herd mindset. I was banned for "Medical Misinformation" by calling out the bullshit virus. No doubt … [Read more...]

Men Are Fucked!

Society is fucked and weak. Strength comes from years of overcoming adversity. Most men think if you take MMA or Jiu Jitsu you are a bad mutha, but most are still pussies. Look at the oppressed multi millionaire black football players who are whinny little boys disguised in a man's body! I know a ton of ex military men who are weak physically and mentally and who never seen battle. Look at any man … [Read more...]

Power Words For Physical And Mental Toughness.

The way you talk to yourself determines your quality of life. Ever heard people say things like "No Pain" or "No Quitting"? The mind only hears the words "Pain" or "Quitting" which will not help you get through a tough workout. Really, it's true. Try using words or phrases like "Strength"  "Durability"  " Stay Tough"  "Be Hard"  "I get stronger and tougher every minute" etc! Guaranteed to get you … [Read more...]

Isometric Mental And Physical Toughness.

Here is an Isometric workout you can try. Get in to a push up position on your knuckles. Put your feet up on at least a 10" bench or stool. Now hold this push up position for 1 minute rest 1 minute. Repeat for 45 minutes. Body needs to be straight, no sagging. I guarantee you will be tested mentally and physically! ~ Strength ~ Johnny Grube … [Read more...]