Manual Labor Is Natural To Man

Men avoid most lifting outside the gym. More men go to the gym, take supplements, read everything, trying to boost testosterone yet men have have lower testosterone than ever before. More knowledge, more time, more supplements and more gym training seem to have made men weaker. Men think putting on unnatural weight is going to improve their life but it will cause them to be lower in … [Read more...]

It’s All Coming To An End!

I no longer want to do this. I no longer enjoy writing this blog. Actually, I never did enjoy it. I will be finishing up some projects this year and then decide what I will do. I will be going through my notebooks, (I always keep a notebook with me to write my thoughts and ideas), and put it in a book I'm working on, which are things I never wrote about in blogs or talked about on my … [Read more...]

Practice Being Physical!

A lot of the training I do or try comes unexpectedly throughout the day. I look for ways to challenge myself without traditional equipment or exercises. The other day while cutting my grass I routinely wear a weight vest or ankle weights, sometimes both so I decided to try Superman Pushups wearing a 40 lb weight vest and using a cinder block to make it double … [Read more...]

Fitness Experts Say, Manual Labor Is Inferior!

Hey, the so called fitness experts keep telling me manual labor work is inferior to going to the gym. I guess I have NEVER been in a gym! I guess they mean the building that is filled with treadmills, kettlebells, juice bars, mirrors, spandex pants etc! If it don't look cool it's inferior to what has keep men strong since the beginning of time, manual FUCKING … [Read more...]

Training Incest!

If you aren't following what the majority of society believes, you are a bad person for having different opinions. It goes the same in today's fitness culture. Every fitness or strength book is the same, nothing different other than the author. People are getting strong for lifts in the gym, for looking in the mirror, or to build size that is useless for … [Read more...]

Be Strong and Conditioned Like Men Of The Past!

Today there is constant argument in the fitness culture or cults as the best and only way to train. Despite people trying to be more healthier, spending more time lifting weights, jogging, biking, walking on treadmills, eating vegan, taking supplements, spending money on expensive clothing, and drinking green smoothies. Men are weaker, sicker, have lower testosterone, are more emotionally … [Read more...]

No Labor, No Strength

Animals are strong and tough living in nature, animals become weaker living in a cage. Man is an animal, he is also strong and tough in nature, but gets weaker indoors. Most men today spend more time indoors than outdoors, men are sicker and weaker. How strong do you think you would be naturally if you never lifted a traditional weight? Luckily, I started my childhood liking strength, … [Read more...]

Own Your Training Environment!

Weak men are built by living weak lives. Running late working on my 12th hour of work, and no lunch I needed to get in a workout. I used the lift gate of my truck and a 50 lb, hard to handle cylinder, I did 100 step ups wearing steel toe boots in a little over four minutes. I never wait for the perfect time to train, I don't need special equipment. I own … [Read more...]

7 Minutes Of Toughness

7 Minutes of toughness. Just another version of a tough isometric exercise combo that will test your physical and mental toughness. 7 Minutes of isometrics with a 25 lb back pack will get you thinking about and show you where your weakness is. It's important to suffer, and to not give in once you set a time limit. I will keep pushing isometric training … [Read more...]

Natural Man Was Not Heavily Muscled.

Natural man was not heavily muscled! Man was not going to the gym standing in a mirror doing curls. Natural man was not taking supplements, drinking protein shakes or worrying about getting enough "Macros" or working their body on a split routine of " Back and Bi's or "Shoulder and Tri's. Natural man was strong, self reliant and ruggedly tough! Man lived to survive, to find shelter, to … [Read more...]