Pussies Live With A Victim Mindset!

Strength can't exist living with a victim mindset.  Pussies live with the victim mindset. If you support the mental illness society is pushing, you are either mentally ill or plain stupid. Living with the victim mindset is mental illness.When people say, "you just don't know". Know what? That they are looking for sympathy! Men today with high percentage of body fat are essentially women like, very … [Read more...]

It’s A Man’s Obligation To Be Strong!

It's never been complicated to get strong or conditioned but it does take hard work and consistency over time. It doesn't require a gym or any equipment just imagination and work. You can train anywhere! In the house, in the front yard, backyard, a garage, a sidewalk, I mean anywhere.  You can use anything to train, like rocks, cinderblocks, heavy bags, cars, hills, weights, kettlebells, … [Read more...]

Being “Progressive” Makes You A Parasite!

If you are what weak society calls "Progressive" you are the weakest of society. "Progressive" parasites live off the hard work of others, and try to destroy all they oppose in the name of being "Progressive" The so called "Progressive" people were geeks, freaks, misfit, that couldn't figure out how to function in society. The "Progressive" types are the mass school shooters, they sexually assault … [Read more...]

Bad Choices And Not Taking Responsibility Fuck Up Your Life!

Think for one minute how dirty DA's are letting criminals back on the street to continue terrorizing the citizens in the cities who voted for these DA's. I have no problem with this. Why? Because they aren't coming to my neighborhood! People get what they put out there, these criminals are there because of bad choices made by stupid people who actually want them there terrorizing their … [Read more...]

If You Promote This You Promote Mental Illness.

Promote fat as being healthy. Promote criminals as more valuable than lawful citizens. Promote transgenderism as a natural way of life and not a mental illness. Promote the killing of unborn babies as a women's health right. Promote children Drag Queen story hour. Promote trans children to strip in front of grown men. Promote that there is no man and woman. Promote men can have babies and … [Read more...]

Strength Is Being Responsible, Weakness Is Being Irresponsible.

Being strong is being a responsible man, choosing weakness is being an irresponsible man.Too many weak men posing as strong alpha's behind a keyboard talking shit being afraid of one on one confrontation. If you support strength there is probably a good chance you practice strength, if you are weak it's a goodchance you practice weakness.Strong people spend time with strong people, weak people … [Read more...]

Strength And Weakness Is The Cause Of Either A Strong Or Weak Society.

Just because you lift weights doesn't mean you ain't a soft pussy! Just because you lift weights doesn't mean you ain't a drunk or drug addict! Just because you lift weights doesn't mean you try to live a higher standard! Just because you lift weights doesn't mean you ain't a coward! Just because you lift weights doesn't mean you ain't easily manipulated!Training should be a real lifestyle that … [Read more...]

Telling A Weak Man To Take Responsibility Is Like Calling Him A Pussy!

It's too easy to be weak in today's society and people just accept it.  Men have always needed to be strong.Today most college educated men can't even raise a family on a single income, they work 40 hours, and expect their wives to work just as hard, then expect their wives to take care of the kids while they sit around watching sports, they mostly likely never played drinking booze while they get … [Read more...]

Looking The Other Way As Society Crumbles Shows Your Lack Of Balls!

A lot of people live in the land of make believe, and think that by letting society further crumble, by looking the other way as morals and values of old school traditions deteriorate, is somehow a negativeoutlook on life. We are in this situation because the so called "strong men" have remained silent, like the social justice warriors say "silence is violence".  I was reading an article talking … [Read more...]

Building Excess Mass Will Destroy Your Health.

I have for sometime talked about worrying about bulking up over time is not really a good healthy plan.Listen to the video from this man. https://youtu.be/Q4vI1m5rOr0 Around 25 years ago I learned what building mass can do to the body, luckily it didn't impact my healthy but did impact my joints and I stopped eating massive amounts of food and lifting as heavy as possible with reps no more than 5 … [Read more...]