Society Was Stronger When….

Society was stronger when men acted like men, they ruled in the home, when women weren't getting tattoos and stayed home and raised their own kids!  … [Read more...]

Weak Men Are More Dangerous Than A Virus With A 99.9% Survival Rate.

America has become a bunch of pussies, being on board with having our rights stripped by elected parasites who are your new illegitimate daddy! Men who are afraid of a virus that has a 99.9% survivability rate are in need of shame and ostracized by strong society and left to fend for themselves never offering a hand up. The weak men hiding in their house are ballless , virgins who have nothing to … [Read more...]

Weak Men Are….

Today's men are more physically and mentally weak than ever before and it's by design.  When men are weak they won't fight, they can't fight! Weak men can't protect or provide. Weak men use booze and or drugs to cope in tough situations instead of using mental toughness to fix the situation. Weak men give excuses and look for sympathy. Weak men look to get along instead of having values and living … [Read more...]

All Men Hate Effeminate Men.

Men who choose weakness are traitors to their families, their state and their country. All worthwhile women only accept a strong man, a strong man would NEVER give his daughter his blessing to marry a man not worthy, a man that shows constant weakness and neediness. Most young men today have weak fathers. Most men experience their fathers sitting around watching sports who never were capable of … [Read more...]

Let The Weak Become Extinct.

"Never fight for the pacifist, or respect them" Stop looking to be every weak persons savoir, if they are capable and refuse to fight for themselves let them to their own extinction! You are not the better man because you defend the capable weak, you are an idiot, these people are the parasites in society, they want what others have without the hard work. Capable men who choose the easy parasitic … [Read more...]

My Take On Positive And Negative Thinking!

If you call out today's bullshit, today's weakness, today's faggotry you are considered to be negative in today's backward excuse making society. Today's men stand for nothing they are afraid to have a different opinion against what the brain dead masses believe, they always have to qualify what they believe before they actually say it, what fucking pussies! So who is negative?  Men with no balls! … [Read more...]

We Are Fucked!

We are fucked as a society!  The best people can do is leave the cities and let the masses destroy each other! Stop helping anyone you don't know, and help only the people you know! Ideology is destroying society, it wants people to be weaker and to conform to government mandates, they work for us, not us for them. Why help ANYONE who you know that wants a progressive degenerate society and … [Read more...]

Men Are Pussies Women Are Confused.

More men today are acting like females, actual bitches, and more women are acting like men, short hair, foul mouth and tattoos. This is where strength and weakness comes in, women always look to strong men for protection, they are tough bitches until they need a man and expect a man who they hate to defend them.  The effeminate men are no better, they have big mouths with weak minds and bodies and … [Read more...]

My Opinion.

Men who wear masks to conform to government brainwashing AND wear flip flops are the ultimate sign of male fragility! Johnny Grube … [Read more...]

Blue Collar – 200 Lb Hill Carry With Grandson

Most have no idea how hard carrying weight long distance than the normal strong man carrying heavier for short distance. Long distance carrying is brutal! Carrying your bodyweight plus 40 lbs more is tough. If you never tried it shut your fucking mouth! Strength! Grube   … [Read more...]