Choose Your Brothers Wisely!

Listen up, when I post it’s like I would be talking to a friend on the loading dock, in a buddies garage, after work in a parking lot etc.

If you don’t like the things I say it’s pretty clear we would not be friends or anyone I would bother talking to.

Basically, I have four friends who I consider brothers, all other people are acquaintances. I choose it that way.

Over the years I have turned down almost all social events I have ever been invited to, Christmas parties, Company Christmas parties, wedding, barbecues, etc, and never said “I’ll try to make it” I either said yes or no, never beating around the bush, why?

I choose wisely who I spend time with.

Loyalty is lost on men, men who have no pride or honor have no loyalty and can’t be trusted.

You need to be especially careful who you choose as a friend when you have a wife and kids.

My wife, kids and now grandkids are sacred to me, very few are welcomed in that circle.

And a true friendship is earned through respect.

I don’t have needy emotional friends, no friends who are selfish, who don’t make family their most valuable possession, drinkers or drug users don’t get in my circle and neither do liars, thieves, frauds or bull shitters.

Men with different values than mine are not people I would be friends with, or who I would waste any time around.

Men who can’t think for themselves, who are soft and weak on social issues are soft and weak men and can never be friend of much value.

I would never have transgender friend or a gay friend, or a friend who is in and out of jail, I just wouldn’t.

Even if a close friend lost his way and became a drug addict or an alcoholic I would distance myself from him, he would not have me there to help him, I have no time for that weakness, NOT for a grown man.

Man does need like minded alliances, people who will stand and fight with other like minded men, and I support the work of like minded men, by choosing their products or books over people I have nothing in common.

Being a close friend, a brother does not give you the right to continually fuck up and expect me or others to have your back!

I wouldn’t expect a friend to stick around if I became a leech on society, a drunk, drug addict, low life person, I would expect this.

I have NO problem turning my back on a brother or even my own brother if he violates the rules. FUCK up, be prepared to be on your own.

Choose Your Brothers Wisely.

Johnny Grube


  1. yes. nailed it. again.
    thank you.

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