Isometric Strength #1

Is Isometric Training inferior?

This what most experts will tell you.

I disagree!

Isometrics are not inferior they build strength and conditioning, they are just another form of exercise.

This short isometric hold is tough. Few can tell me it doesn’t take strength and conditioning to complete this under 3 minute exercise.

Elevate your feet off the ground 12″ to 30″ on your knuckles hold a the top pushup position for 1 minute – lower to about half way a hold that position for 30 to 45 seconds – push back up IF YOU CAN, and hold the remaining top push up hold the remaining 1 minute.

The higher the feet are elevated the more resistance, and the tougher it becomes.

A person who doesn’t train has almost NO chance of holding this hold a short minute, even the trained will be tested.

I guarantee you add these in to your training your body will get stronger, harder and tougher.



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