Manual Labor Keeps A Man Strong And Capable.

Let The Strongest Live, And The Vilest Die!


Since I started working at the age of 12 I always preferred manual labor. I remember in grade school just being aggressive and physical, and loving anything physical.

I am wired different. I was raised to be strong and not a crying bitch.

I make my daily life manual labor active.

One thing I do is cut my grass wearing a weight vest, back pack or ankle weights, sometimes all three.

The most I used to cut the grass for close to an hour is wearing an extra 110 lbs, and it’s tough.

I used one 20 lb vest, two 40 lb vests and 10 lb ankle weights!

Ankle weights are a killer!

In the book “Rock, Iron, Steel The Book of Strength” by strong man Steve Justa a life long manual laborer he writes about wearing a 200 lb weight vest and walking two miles in 50 minutes and that it was one of the toughest things he has ever done.

He also wrote ” It took every ounce of willpower, strength, intestinal fortitude, and a bad attitude I could muster up to carry 200 lbs two miles without a rest”

Steve Justa weighed around 360 -380 lbs but think around the time he carried the 200 lb weight vest he weighed at least 300 lbs or more.

Steve Justa is a strong man who used 100 lb LESS than he weighed.

I used 110 lbs about 45 lbs less my weight of 155 lbs. And know I could walk two miles with a 155 lbs extra on my body, but it would be tough.

Why did I use Steve Justa as an example?

Because he was a big name among strong men, he also worked manual labor jobs, and I look to the best to gage my level to the average man.

Milo of Croton walked the stadium carrying a full grown bull.

Nero’s army marched carrying 145 lbs of gear while the average soldier weighed 145 lbs.

Carrying things keep a man strong, it keeps a man uncomfortable, daily physical labor will keep a man’s testosterone levels high.

Strong men are useful, weak males are a disease!

Johnny Grube


  1. yesterdays “rest”day was walking with 20 kg in a backpack on uneven terrain, up and down, doing push up holds, pull ups, squats, etc.
    great day to spend a sunday afternoon!

  2. Hell yeah!!!!

  3. Everything is just way better at the end of the day after manual labor . Your shower , feels better , meal taste better , sex is better etc.. Manual Labor for the win ! Another awesome article John .

    Two more weeks or less until my daughter is born . I can’t wait !

  4. @Johnny:
    would you mind to share your most favourite exercises? just out of curiosity…

  5. I have no favorites anymore. I like playing with rocks, and carrying extra weight. I guess my two favorite if I had to pick, the Ab wheel and weighted step ups.

  6. Thanks.
    Good choice.

  7. @Johnny Grube

    My daughter was born today 9/20/18 at 3:10pm it is also mine and my wife’s birthday today as well . Greatest Birthday gift of our lives

  8. Wow, Chuck! Congratulations to you and your wife.

  9. @Bob

    Thanks Bob . Much appreciated

  10. Congrats brother to you and your wife. There birthdays same day, wow! My youngest shares my birthday.

    Now the real training starts.

  11. @Chuck

    Congrats brother!!

  12. @Johnny Uribe

    Thanks brother

  13. @Marovsky

    Thanks brother

  14. Hopefully a new article or even a book is coming soon that would be great stuff

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