Men Are The Reason Why Society Is Falling!

I haven’t blogged in a long time. Why? I have been watching society fall apart and watching weak men continue to destroy society as we know it. Men have given away their power and have become more brain washed and feminine, while women have become more masculine and men want to blame the women for the lack of feminine women.

Really, think about the male wearing skinny jeans and flip flops, think about the lack of body awareness either they lack muscle or fucking fat, and this is the majority of society. 

College for most have become mental institutions filled with people indoctrinated by castrated effeminate males who have graduated to a different level of mental illness and have bullied weak minded people into believing that the mental institution they reside in is reality, then they get outside in the real world and find that society outside of the mental institution is NOT reality based.

When they finally leave the mental facility and move back into their parents basement and watch porn, play video games while trying to get their dream job at BestBuy on the Geek Squad or Game Stop while getting fatter and weaker mentally and physically.

Then when these mama’s boy’s find out that not even blue haired, tattooed rhino fatties won’t let them near them, they then become activists in hope’s a women of their ilk will give them a shot, and it’s not until the rhino get’s drunk and passes out will these weak males make their move, and will back in their mom’s basement before the rhino wakes up and find’s someone violated her by groping one of the tit’s on her back.

This has become reality.

I have been using YOUTUBE lately if you want to check it out.




  1. Excellent article . Definitely going to check out YouTube . This article had me crying laughing

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