The Backyard Functional Fitness Manual

“Discover how The Backyard Functional Strength Training Manual can Build a Tremendous amount of Strength and Burn fat at a rapid pace”

Dear Friend,

This will be a little different than my other programs, my other programs are body- weight training programs but there are times we need to train a little different and that’s where this new program comes in.

How many of you have heard about the so called physical labor workouts ? Well working physical labor jobs all my life I take offense to this. Why ? Because the men that do physical labor jobs most don’t want to work out after a long day and the office or white collar man does this as a form of training to get in shape.

Most of these office people don’t have any idea what physical labor is yet they want to do the physical labor workouts, I live this life everyday and train everyday it doesn’t matter how tired I am.

I don’t sit behind a desk thinking of workouts this is how I live my life and have for years.

I have been a laborer for almost 30 years and was strong by most mens standards and thought that lifting the weights was the reason then I found that true strength came from things that weren’t balanced.

I would train with cement blocks, bricks, logs, rocks, cars, half a telephone pole and even would train with the rear end of a car it was heavy, thick and I would do curls and military presses with it it was real thick and hard to lift but was a great grip builder.

The reason I knew this is that my father was a truck driver and moved furniture for years and he built a tremendous amout of strength thoughout his whole body as a matter of fact he was probably the strongest man that I have ever known.

                                    Watch these 2 video’s

Building strength pushing a car with my arms

 Building functional strength tossing around a 100 lb heavy bag

I don’t think that there was anything he couldn’t pick up and the hand strength and finger thickness was incredible and he was short and probably never weighed more than 200 lbs in his day.

I seen him lay on a floor and grab a 250 lb barbell and do a straight arm pullover and bench press it- and he was drunk. He was showing off.

I found that training with weights did not get me in the physical shape- I needed to be at my best, I was big and strong but I was weak and slow functionally and got alot of injuries.

Then one day I changed my life forever and that was when I started using bodyweight exercises again, all my life I did dips, pushups, pullups, ran and was in great shape than I switched to weights and thought that this would be all I needed it didn’t help me.

I lifted weights for years, and I will never use them again not at least in the conventional sense, I went back to extreme type body weight training then I would use some odd types of objects to test myself and some friends that’s where this manual comes in.

If we just looked around and opened our eyes we would see there are many ways to workout and get in better shape than going to the gym, but most think that the gym is the only place to get in great shape.

So what I did is pick a few objects that most people have access to a Heavy Bag, Picnic Table and a Car and combined this with bodyweight training and the results are nothing you will experience in any gym.

So to mix it up a bit, I put together a manual that you can’t find anywhere else I know I checked and you can check too as a matter of fact look around and see if there are any programs that offer this rare information.

Just as always I get right to the point and don’t use filler to fill my manuals I want you to get right to the workouts and results- and I want you to have fun doing it.

Look all you will get in this training manual:

  • 20 Different Heavy Bag exercises.
  • 6 Tough Bodyweight exercises.
  • 14 Picnic Table exercises.
  • 6 Vehicle Pushing exercises.
  • 60 Workouts.

You will also discover that building strength this way will bring better results than going to the gym you will also know what functionally fitness really is , you will also discover:

  • How to build a super strong core.
  • How to build stronger, faster more enduring legs.
  • How to build stronger more powerful hips.
  • How to build body awareness.
  • New exercises never seen before.
  • Tons of workouts.
  • Build explosive strength.
  • Burn bodyfat at incredible speed.
  • How to build great shoulder and back strength.
  • Plus 5 never seen exercises.

These are only a few things that you will accomplish when you train this way and your results will be amazing. So don’t be left out this rare type of information may not be around long- so jump on the chance now.

Because the this information is so rare and hard to find you I could easily charge $ 60.00 to $ 75.00 and you would be getting a great deal, this information just isn’t out there I have seen manuals go as high as $99.00 and they don’t give you even close to the amount of workouts I give to you in this manual.

So for a very limited time, because I want everyone to try this workout filled manual I will let it go for $ 22.95 plus $ 6.00 S&H and remember this is for a limited time when I say for a limited time I mean and I can pull it at any time and the price will go up to aleast $ 39.95, so don’t waste time.

90 Day, 100 % Money – Back Guarantee

Remember, you can get a complete, No-Nonsense, 100% Money- Back Guarantee for “90 Days” do you understand what that means ? You can order “The Heavy Bag, Picnic Table and Car Training manual” train with it, go through your own 90 DAY “trial run”… and if you are not completely blown away with the results you get… simply send it back and you’ll recieve a prompt refund of all your money.

P.S. Remember you will get:

  • 20 Different Heavy Bag exercises.
  • 6 Tough Bodyweight exercises
  • 14 Picnic Table exercises.
  • 6 Vehicle Pushing exercises.
  • 60 Workouts.

Send Check or Money order for $22.95 plus $6.00 S&H ($28.95)
To :
John Grube
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