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“Discover the rare secrets of strength that only the super strong know, become a man among men, build an almost unnatural level of strength and physical fitness”


“Hey John,
I just wanted to say thank you for your playground workout manual by using it my strength and power has increased to an almost unnatural level and my sparring partners in karate have unfortunately (for them) been on the recieving end.”
Andrew Carr U.K

Dear Friend,

I have discovered some Rare Strength Training that will build the kind of strength that most men will never dream of, if you are tired of the same old gym seen, doing the same thing day in and day out and not getting the results you want, well you are about to be blown away with what you will soon find out.

If you could find a place where you could get a great workout that won’t cost you a dime wouldn’t you like know, you will discover that you will never have to join a gym again…. That’s right, you will never have to spend your hard earned money on a gym membership again.

After years of going to the gym and wasting my time and dealing with the so called weight trainers I found that I could spend less time training at home and get results that were almost superhuman.

Now listen I really don’t mean you will become superman but, compared to the average man you will be superhuman…

If you have been going to the gym this will be your wake up call, if you have the guts to sit here and finish reading every single word on this page there is no doubt that you will be so excited to try this new type of training program there will be nothing you won’t do to get this “New Strength Building Program”

You will never find anything like this in the book store.

That’s right if you think you can go out to the local book store and get this training manual think again, a book store would never sell something so brutal to their customers, most people that buy exercise books in book stores will never use them anyhow, but I would never offer something that you could go out to a book store and get these books are for men that want to get into shape.

The people that I don’t want purchasing my material are the men that don’t have the guts to try something different, if you put this on the self and never look at it or give it an honest try your wasting your money and time, and you are also wasting my time, so if you are not serious don’t read any farther.

What I discovered on my way to getting extremely fit.

I found that most people would rather make excuses instead of doing anything to improve their situation, these people will never get into great shape, this is a tough program and it is not for the physically or mentally weak.

What I discovered was that short but extreme workouts were the answer, these workouts built great strength, burned fat at a high rate of speed and the endurance that was built was legendary, and this happened in every case.

The problem was that most so called men would dismiss this type of training and lift weights most men want to walk around and look in shape, a big chest and arms are all that they care about, but the real reason is that most men aren’t or never will be strong enough to handle their own bodyweight.

Men don’t want the pain, they are happy going to the gym and looking in the mirror, hey if this what you want great, close this website and don’t come back until you are ready for a different way of thinking, old school thinking, old school results, legendary results.

Wouldn’t you love to save that money that you wasted on gym memberships for so many years, you will never ever have to spend money on a gym membership again and when you discover these rare, strength building secrets you will never again worry about going to the gym.

If you want real world strength and fitness than you need to train your body different, to get strong, you need to train the body to get strong, you need to train the body as one. So if you are ready I have the answer, the answer is:

       Watch this video clip

“The Playground Training Manual”

This is a great way to build your strength and fitness level incredibly fast, in record time, you’ll develop amazing strength throughout the whole body, the results will be short of amazing and once you discover the secrets to a truly strong and fit body, you will won’t think twice about what you read or here from the so called professionals.

Here are some of the secrets that you will discover:

  • Discover the rare strength building exercises, that will build super-human strength.
  • Build explosive legs.
  • Get almost insane like strength using swings.
  • Build huge super strong shoulders.
  • Discover the greatest bodyweight exercises that will build strength, burn fat and build legendary endurance.
  • Build Gorilla type upper body strength.
  • Build Great upper body and core strengthening exercises, using never seen before exercises.
  • Discover the gripping strength you will need for overall strength.
  • Build almost super-human strength using a new, never seen before super body builder.
  • Discover the one exercise that will give you all the strength you will ever need.
  • Learn the secrets why some build great super strength while others remain weak.
  • Secret fat burning exercises.
  • Discover the secrets of having an iron core.
  • Discover how body control is the most important strength builder.

So what would you expect to pay for such rare strength building material? I was actually told to sell this for at least $50.00 to $60.00 bucks and that would still be a great deal.

But because I know that their are a few hard-core trainers out there that want the best, that I will offer “The Playground Training Manual” for a short time at only $29.95 plus $ 6 S&H

Did I forget to mention that you will get 47 strength building exercise plus 27 workouts, so you can start building unbelievable strength right away.

I don’t know of anybody that offers so much at such a low price, Do you? This is a great bargain and when the price goes up it stays up, so if you waste time it’s your loss… remember there was a time when only the strong survived, well let me tell you it’s still the same today, and if you are weak physically you will probably be weak mentally.

So don’t delay order “The Playground Training Manual” today and build the super strong body you want.

90 day, 100 % No-Questions asked Iron-Clad Guarantee

Use “The Playground Training Manual” and if you don’t develop new found strength send it back, and I will refund every penny you paid me, how can this get any better, use “The Playground Training Manual” for 90 full days train with it and then honestly tell me that this is not some of greatest strength building material out there you will be fully refunded.

Train Hard,

Johnny G

P.S. Don’t forget you get 47 Strength Building Exercises plus 27 workouts that will kick your ass!!!

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