I’m not an English Teacher.

I get hassled sometimes because of typo’s, bad grammar and some say I can’t put together
a sentence and that it takes away from my expertise. I read a lot and find a lot of typo’s
and misspellings and I really don’t care. I want the content or the article, if it’s such a
problem just get your health and fitness advice from an English teacher. I write to
get done and move on and don’t think or a least I don’t feel that I am being disrespectful
to my readers.

I probably could edit it more, and probably should but to try and move through all the
emails and articles time is of much importance. I will continue to give you my opinions
and give you the best info I can, so if grammar is the only problem you have then you
should probably go somewhere else because you aren’t that serious about your training.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Hey John –

    I could care less about your typo’s or bad grammer. I’m a professional and mine is not very good either, because like you, when I was supposed to be paying attention in English class, most of the time I was thinking about playing sports and getting laid. If I need to send a letter, I always do a rough draft, and then get my secretary to fix it up so I don’t embarass myself. So don’t feel bad. There are lots of guys on the internet, but you are my role model. I follow you above everyone else. My training has improved immensely since I started following and talking to you. I like your posts a lot, so keep on writing!!! Kind Regards,

  2. Johnny,

    Its the passion and the point you get across that keeps me coming back. Not your grammar.


  3. Brooklyn says:

    Fuck the Haters

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