Johnny Grube

Hello my name is Johnny Grube, I’m not a world champion, a national champion, I wasn’t even a high school champion, however,I do hold 4 fitness world records I was an athlete almost my whole life I was involved in baseball, football, track and field, martial arts, power lifting a bouncer and for 10 years on and off a professional wrestler.

For the past 25 +years I was a dock laborer for a trucking company and I have lifted more weight in those 20+ years then the most seasoned powerlifter weightlifter and bodybuilder combined together. I lifted weights, I’ve done bodyweight calisthenics, I’ve ran miles on end, I’ve sprinted, I’ve played sports, I’ve used supplements… weight gain you name it, I’ve probably done it – three times.

I was a Hardcore trainer- never missed a workout, I was very strong, but I wasn’t in athletic shape. I was in pathetic shape.

Then I discovered what the fittest men of all time knew. And since then have changed my whole outlook on working out and have become one of the fittest men around. In very little time.

“But why should I listen to you?”

As a result of all my years of training and experience and research – I know what works.

As far as accomplishments go:

World Records

  • The most step ups in 5 minutes wearing a 50lb backpack
    (new record 164 Paddy Doyle)
  • The fastest time doing 100 burpees/para jumps 3:01
  • The fastest time to 100 burpees/para jumps wearing
    10lb ankle weights ( 5 on each leg ) 3:14
  • The most burpees/para jumps in 1 minute wearing
    10lb ankle weights ( 5 on each leg ) 44

Other accomplishments:
1000 consecutive pushups in 43 minutes and 14 seconds at a
bodyweight of 195 lbs

100 + pushups in 1 minute

100 dips in under 1 minute

800 bodyweight squats in 15 minutes

Run 5 miles and did 500 pushups in 49 minutes and 07 seconds

Run 5 miles and did 100 pullups in under 1 hour

Did weighted dips with 145 lbs around my waist (about what I weigh
now 155 lbs)

Run 3.5 miles, 550 jumping jacks,300 pushups, in 36 minutes.

Run with 100 lb heavy bag on shoulder for 1 mile in under 11:00 minutes.

Run 1 mile, did 400 pushups,50 burpees, jump rope 400 times in
15 minutes and 27 seconds. (after a workout)

Jump rope 500 times, 500 pushups, 500 squats in under 24 minutes.

50 dips – 50 hindu squats – 10 chinups – 50 pushups – in a
circuit (one after another) in under 2:00 minutes

180 Hindu squats and 180 pushups in 5:00 minutes

500 – 8 count bodybuilders in 47 minutes

600- U.K. squat thrusts in 14:37 minutes

600 – Prisoner squat thrusts ( popups with pushups) 56:57

Run 10 miles and 1,000 pushups in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

500 pushups in 15 minutes

820 star jumps – 820 pushups in 41:59 seconds.

930 stepups on a 15 1/2″ bench with a 60 lb back
pack in 45 minutes.
4,100 Jumping Jacks in 53 minutes on 41st Birthday

4,300 pushups on 43rd Birthday in 1 hour 35 minutes

1,014 bodyweight squats in 25:00 minutes

Wildman Training workout 2,500 –  250 burpees,
1,000 jumping jacks, 250 crunches, 250 squat thrusts,
500 bodyweight squats, 250 pushups in 33:24 seconds.

Walked 1 mile wear a 45lb backpack and did 500 pushups
wearing the 45lb backpack in 27:54

Walked 1 mile wearing 110 extra pounds and jumped rope
700 times wearing 110lbs in 34 minutes.

I don’t spend two hours a day training (not even close!).

Johnny Grube B.C.S. F.F.S is an expert on the subject of bodyweight training and real functional fitness. He has over 25 years of training experience and is the author of The Wildman Training Program manual , The New Expanded version The Wildman Training Course and The Super Strength Playground Training Manual. The Backyard functional fitness manual l You can also go to www.youtube.com/johnnygrube and his blog for video updates For more info www.wildmantraining.com