Men Lack A Durability Mindset!

In today's gym culture a big set of arms or a heavy bench press is the only credibility needed to have people listen, even though they talk non stop about injury. Strong and tough guys bragging who has the biggest injury from lifting weights their bodies can't handle naturally makes no sense. Does a man brag about getting sick? I hope not! But if he does get sick, it's the worse … [Read more...]

Being Uncivilized Is To Grow Stronger

  Every day we get older and every day we get closer to death, do we want to die weak or do we want to die strong? Every day man should be ready to fight and provide for his! Being civilized is to grow weaker to be uncivilized is to grow stronger! Being aggressive scares a weak society, being aggressive will make you harder to kill! Every day we allow others to take from us in … [Read more...]

Strength Psychology By Mike Gillette

I think most people dismiss the reality of physical and mental training as something that is not necessary, and these people will continue to get weaker physically and mentally. It's impossible to stay  physically and mentally strong without working on things that make you tough. Once you think you know enough, you will start to slide backwards down a slippery slope. Just like the … [Read more...]

Weakness Is A Disease!

Weakness is a disease! Being a physically and mentally weak man is unnatural. Men are born to fight. If man could not fight the human race would be extinct. Weak men are men that stand for nothing. Weak men are men that can't stand on their own two feet. Weak men  look to others to pull them up and out of shit! Weak men will tell you they are going to improve their situation but, never … [Read more...]

The One Thing Making Men Physically and Mentally Weak

From the Urban Dictionary Mentally Weak Showing mental fatigue in a bitch like manor and lacking the mind power to continue even though physically able to.  Everyone who has any clue can look around and see how pathetic men have become. The one thing that has made men so unmanly is societies push for "Sugar Coating" everything! And the so called tough guys are the ones crying the … [Read more...]

It’s Easy to be a Tough Guy in an Office Full of Women!

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the workouts I do, and then I remember why. Their is something about accomplishing something every day that builds on the rest of the day. So many people do nothing through the day to improve their lives, either they don't care, are to lazy, or just don't know any better. Some people hate me and my blog posts because they say I'm judgmental and I … [Read more...]

Mountain Biking Steep Hills will Weaken the Strongest Man!

Part of my training is riding my mountain bike. Hold on, I don't get dolled up wearing the bike shorts, bike shirts, clip on shoes or a helmet! I go old school gym shorts, sneakers, sleeveless shirt and wear a bandana on my head. I don't ride the trails or even go off road I find the nastiest steepest hills in my area and hit them with vengeance. I can tell you I have NEVER seen anyone not … [Read more...]

The Sadistic Alter Ego Training Attitude!

When engaging in a physically and mentally tough workout two things cause what kind of workout you have, it's attitude and your self talk. As a matter of fact those two things will probably be the reason you fail or succeed in anything. Self talk is how you talk to yourself and most talk themselves down instead of positive up lifting talk. You need to learn to be your own coach. I created an … [Read more...]

How Do You Build Physical And Mental Toughness?

  I am a big fan of mental and physical toughness. Every man will tell you they are physically and mentally tough but their lifestyle contradicts their belief. I have heard people comment on the high rep training that I do, and how boring it seems. They are right; it is boring and downright physically and mentally painful. My question is how do you build toughness? You don't build … [Read more...]

How to become more disciplined in 3 days – the cure for Discipline Deficiency Syndrome

Do you have “Discipline Deficiency Syndrome?” This illness afflicts countless people. It has no borders. It attacks everyone without prejudice. It can prevent you from becoming the person you are capable of being. It can ruin your aspirations and destroy your life. Fortunately, there is a cure. I learned how to become a disciplined person by embracing Black Belt Mindset. Actually, it … [Read more...]