Men Lack A Durability Mindset!

In today’s gym culture a big set of arms or a heavy bench press is the only credibility needed to have people listen, even though they talk non stop about injury.

Strong and tough guys bragging who has the biggest injury from lifting weights their bodies can’t handle naturally makes no sense.

Does a man brag about getting sick?

I hope not!

But if he does get sick, it’s the worse sickness in his life, according to him!

I never talk about injury. I earn my living with my body, and to cry about injury in my blue collar environment makes me a weak man open to ridicule.

You can’t claim a strong, tough guy image if you’re always being injured!

I waste no time warning up when I train, in real life there is no time to stretch, put on your gym clothes, or your running shoes, people who train to exercise get hurt, people that train for survival, survive!

In real life, before you are physical outside the gym, or life is in danger, do you stop to warm up or hope your body is ready to go?

Train your body for all go, and no show!

Train your mind and body for warning up, and when your body is required to be explosive, it will respond with injury!

I train for durability, what good is being strong if you are constantly “recovering” are sore or injured, a comfortable life allows constant recovery.
Being strong is not just one rep training like every big guy wants you to believe, strong is durability to maintain body strength and toughness.
Most men think heavy training, being sore, injured and taking recovery days is part of being strong, I think it’s being weak.
 An injured man is a weak man, no matter how much he bench presses, whether you like it or not, injury makes a man weaker!
Almost all men have an injury mindset, the more you talk about injury, take pride in it, the more you embrace it the more it becomes your pattern, part of your subconscious mind!
A strong man might mention an injury, but he will not take pride about the injury, because a strong man takes pride in strength, not injury!
The only way injury is good, is if you become smarter, and learn from it, if you don’t learn from it, you are a fucking idiot, because the more injured you become, the weaker you become.
 And no matter how much you push a strong guy image, you subconsciously know you are a fraud!
 What makes a man even a bigger bitch is the one that goes on social media to let the whole world know that this big, tattooed tough guy has an injury, and what’s pathetic is other big, tattooed
pussies are giving him sympathy!
 By the way tattoos don’t make you strong, they make you think you are strong. Not to mention weaklings, geeks, and women are all sporting tattoos!
 So when a guy talks about recovery, he just doesn’t feel like training, men don’t need recovery, unless you are destroying your body, the body has amazing recovery power without taking days off.
 Men are not durable, they are not programmed to be durable, men today are programmed to take days off!
 I’m not saying to go hard everyday, but do something everyday!
 Start being a man and being durable, without durability how strong can you really be, physically or mentally?
 Johnny Grube


  1. Hitting it on the fucking nail day in and out ! I’m loving it John . Weakness will never get respect on this site and that’s why I am a die hard fan of the site . Fuck weak men , fuck their recovery days as well and fuck the injured that cry and complain .

  2. I would even not sleep until I put in a workout, like do 500 pushups and then hit the hay.

    P.s. I am not saying that I am ruining my sleep. lol

  3. @Marovsky

    I hear that bro . It’s like air that I breathe

  4. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Pops always said chrome dont get you home…he was talking about more than a cooter catching lead sled lol i routinely bully and harrass muscle boys until they wanna rassle and then they get dominated!

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