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Build lean athletic muscle, explosive strength and become a fat burning furnace in record time



Before I go any further, I have to issue a warning, If you are a “know it all” about working out, you should leave this site because it is not for you. In fact, for the “know it all” fitness guru this site will be of no interest to you at all, if spending hours in the gym, buying supplements and buying muscle magazines every month is your way great, just stop reading now. However if you are truly interested in getting into the best shape of your life in RECORD time read on:

Allow me to introduce myself my name is John Grube and for many years I lifted weights and was involved in athletics almost my whole life and really thought that I was in shape and that lifting weights was the answer… boy was I wrong. Then I discovered the lost secrets of true physical fitness and since this time I have only shared my findings with a select few, the few that would actually use it, and the few that were lucky enough to learn the lost secrets have more than Tripled their fitness level and become better athletes IN RECORD TIME.

These lost secrets will get you into the greatest shape you could ever imagine, they will make you almost SUPERHUMAN- this is not a joke… you will be able to do things that most people could only dream of.

Read This Testimonial

This movement (along with the Crabwalk) has changed my life in many ways. Just like Nature, it’s simple, uber-effective, and never let’s you down if you give it an honest chance. I can’t praise it enough. I don’t have to tell you how tough it is over time, in that area the Bear Crawl speaks (roars) for itself. I will tell you that it’s boosted my morale in all aspects of life for it’s ability to heal my wrists and hands and taking away a nagging groin pain I’ve had for YEARS.

Following the majority (just read a few more of Wildman’s posts and you’ll see how much folly that is) I always thought the flat-palmed way of doing pushups/burpees etc. was unnatural and avoided it (did them on my knuckles). Whenever I did try them my wrists would crack/crunch/pop in pain and anguish, which made me believe an injury that occured years before was the cause along with the unnatural position of the movement. Turns out I was wrong – my hands/wrists were just WEAK and this exercise changed that forever.

Just doing these in my apartment, which is about 15 yrds long in the hallway, along with the CrabWalk, for a week  and the pain was GONE (plus the wife gets a kick out of watchin’ me go back and forth : ). Not to mention I can pop off hundreds of Burpees flat palmed now – No Problem -. Even my grip strength has improved drastically – if I give the wife a message I have to back off a lot or I hurt her (Yeah, for the jokesters, she likes it rough). The groin pain (which was just a dull annoyance I figured I’d just have to live with) just faded away after a few days as well. What a bonus! : )  So Thank You BearCrawl!

P.S. If you’re reading this you’re obviously interested in bodyweight exercises/Wildman Philosophy so do yourselves a favor and order The Wildman Training Course (No, I’m not affiliated w/ Johnny or anything, I’m just thankful for his work) and change your life for the better. It may seem pricey but it’s all you’ll ever need. Trust me. Don’t be those people on Facebook w/  ‘Goin’ to the Gym’ posts (which are usually  followed by “Come get a drink w/ me” 2 hours later but that’s another story) when you could get a kick-ass workout during ‘Glee’ or ‘Jersey Shore’ commercials for free. The binder will pay for itself in gas ducat $$ alone the first week if your drivin’ to the gym. Stay Real! and if you aren’t – The Course will give you a taste of what it feels like to be Real. ~Namaste~


Fooled By Fitness Magazines…….

Go to any book store, any supermarket you will see these muscle magazines and the fitness world wants us to think this is what we should look like, and as you probably already know it just doesn’t happen to most people. I also was fooled by these magazines for over 24 years- yet kept on buying them hoping to find something new that would work for the average guy but all I found was bodybuilding programs from men who spent 4 hours a day in the gym or who go twice a day and spent all there money on supplements and steroids….hey this is there full time job.

Most of us can’t spend that much time in the gym or just don’t want to and these muscle magazine still have us think this is the only way to get in great shape.

“Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now”

As a young athlete who wanted to be in the best possible shape I started lifting weights, doing hundreds of pushups daily, dips, and lots of pull-ups and chin-ups, sprints and was in excellent shape, and not to long after I started weight training- I abandoned the pushups, pull-ups and chin-ups and sprints, I had no evidence that body weight calisthenics worked, after all, the information out there was put out in bodybuilding magazines and they promoted weight lifting as the means for overall fitness.

I thought lifting weights was the way to go and brought anyone that would listen to me to start lifting weights and for 20 years I lifted weights and got big and strong and I really believed that I was in great shape.

What I found was that lifting heavy weights came with a price, and that price was constancy pain of the joints, elbows, knees, shoulders plus a lot of muscle spasms and I always had some kind of nagging injury, I lost flexibility I became fat and slow. I found out that muscles should be trained explosively, not slow, if you train explosive you become explosive, if you train slow all the time, you will become slow.

Bodyweight training builds strength and endurance, fast.

The fact is you no longer need to spend anymore money or time going to the gym, all you need you is some space and little or no equipment.

When you learn how to get into great physical shape from home you are now in control. The great thing about training at home or in your yard or a local park is how quick you will build strength and endurance. The more natural you train the more athletic you become. Using your own bodyweight will test the most physically fit, you can make bodyweight training as easy or as hard as you want it to be.

Bodyweight training builds a different type of toughness a toughness that you need to concentrate your efforts to get though a gut check workout. Most men aren’t physical enough to use their own bodyweight and would rather spend time walking on a treadmill than getting a workout that will build an overall level of physical fitness.

You will benefit more and save a lot of time and burn a lot fat if you did sprints or jumped rope rather than walking on a treadmill. Using your own bodyweight will build a strength and lean muscle you can’t get from weight training, a strength that is more natural and one that will keep your body lean, flexible and athletic.

Burning fat and weight loss seems to be the main concern for most men and women, using your bodyweight and training as natural as possible as well as eating as simple as possible will bring you amazing results.

Doing simple bodyweight exercises for a short period of time will give you the proof you need that bodyweight training is a serious way of training. Burn fat longer with shorter more intense bodyweight workouts. If you want to burn more fat naturally and exercise less you need to pick up the pace. The days of long drawn out exercise sessions are over.

We are still in a mindset that the longer we exercise the better off we are. This is sometimes true, but to get the fat burning for longer periods of time we need to increase our intensity. Exercising in a circuit with less rest time in between sets will keep the body burning fat and keep the heart rate up.

Bodyweight training will burn fat and build lean muscle very fast and will get you in great shape in a very short period of time. Some great fat burning exercises are sprinting, swimming, bike sprints, jumping rope, pushups, pullups, squats, situps, lunges, jumping jacks these are just a few exercises that will really get the fat melting.A simple workout can be done at home in only 10 to 15 minutes.

The lost secrets of physical fitness.

Real physical fitness is a combination of a few things aerobic, anaerobic, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and explosiveness. The problem is that most people think that jogging, weight lifting, biking, etc. are what being physically fit is, it’s not. All the above activities are great for getting a specific level of fitness. But you need to do different types of training to make improvements for your overall fitness. If you look at the ironmen from the past they were physically fit, they would swim, run, lift weights use isometrics and a lot of bodyweight exercises.

Today more and more men are using this type of training and are getting great results they are getting physically fit and they aren’t spending hour after hour in the gym; they are doing it from home. The Wildman Training Program was put together so you could train anywhere anytime and get one hell of a workout.

When you can train anywhere and you don’t have to travel to a gym you have taken control of your fitness goals, lets face it the reason most people stop training is usually time . Time is not an issue when you know that you can get in a workout even if your on the road. There are no more excuses. You either train or you don’t, it’s that easy. If your short on time drop down and do a short circuit of pushups and jumping jacks it doesn’t take long and you at least did something.

Try this 10 minute workout:

10 Pushups

10 Jumping Jacks

Try and total 500 pushups and 500 Jumping Jacks no rest move from 1 exercise to the other.

Bodyweight Training for explosive power.

Bodyweight training has been on the rise as of late and the reason is it works. It has always worked, it has worked for millions of years.You will benefit from the many years of research that bodyweight training is and always will be the way for the fastest, greatest and natural results ever. Our bodies are made to be explosive, our bodies are made to work. There was a time when survival was the key. Survival meaning you had to hunt for food. You had to have extreme endurance. you had to be able to sprint, climb, jump do whatever to stay alive, and if you were slow you didn’t eat or may die.

As a matter of fact in this hard-core world you better be strong, fast and explosive because you never know when your life or a loved ones life will be on the line. Using bodyweight training as a way to total fitness is a great way to tap in to the natural element of your body. There are a ton of exercise programs out there, some good some bad. You don’t need any other piece of equipment to build a strong lean, athletic body then what you already have.

Bodyweight training is very effective for all your fitness objectives. I personally don’t want to spend 2 hours a day in the gym. So that’s why I love bodyweight training it’s quick and gets the job done fast.

Years ago I could lift a lot of weight and I thought I was fit. I found I was strong but not conditioned. And I was not explosive. I was big, strong and slow and that was fine as long as I was just going to the gym. But here I am 15 years later 85lbs lighter, quicker, explosive and have more overall body strength then I did squatting 600lbs or bench pressing 350lbs. Training explosive and fast will get you explosive and fast. I don’t recommend you train explosive everyday but I would spend time training fast and explosive for a more conditioned body.

Toughen up!!!

If you are looking for the easy way out you have come to the wrong place. Some people think that you need to do the regular gym type workout to build great strength and a high level of fitness. I did do the gym thing for many, many years and have never experienced the high level of fitness though the use of bodyweight exercises like I do now. Real physical fitness is fitness that can be used day in and day out, fitness that you can use anywhere anytime.

How many people can do an all out sprint for a 1/4 mile and not be huffing and puffing, how many people could pull themselves up over a wall if they had to, how many people are strong enough to handle themselves in most real life situations. Using your own bodyweight will give you great body awareness, and a sense of control of knowing that you only need yourself and your surroundings to stay at an almost superhuman level. There is so many ways to train, but training as natural as possible I think is the key.

I discovered that if certain body weight exercises were performed in a very specific way almost super-human improvements in strength, endurance, and fat loss were certain. At 38 years old I am in better shape, a better athlete and more explosive now than ever before and can out run kids almost half my age, as a matter of fact some of the things that I have done are pretty impressive,so impressive that people want to learn my secret way of training, and until now I didn’t share it but with a select few.

Ok, Tell Me More About Your Training Manual

First of all this program is ONLY for those who want the best. It’s only for those who want to live with gusto and enthusiasm. It’s ONLY for people who want MAXIMUM fitness right NOW. So if you are satisfied with being average or normal – just forget it. This program is not for you and believe me, if you decide against it, I won’t lose a minutes sleep over it.


The Wild Man Training Program is the most comprehensive and versatile fitness program ever devised!

The Wild Man Training Program is not like other fitness programs most other fitness programs or books give you very few actual workouts but not The Wild Man Training Program, I will give you 20 different exercises and 58 DIFFERENT WORKOUTS!!!! you will never get tired or bored, what you will get into is Mind Blowing Ass Kicking Shape

No longer do you have to do one workout for strength, another for cardio, and another for flexibility etc., once you understand the principles behind it and grasp it you will experience ALL THE ELEMENTS OF FITNESS at the same time.

Until you discover how to move your body with full power from every direction and angle you’re not in condition.

The body is made to be trained naturally to be ready for any situation that comes along, you will enhance you chances for survival if need be and make you far more successful in athletics than any other program devised.


The results have been staggering, the results have far exceeding my expectations! Clients fitness levels SKYROCKET almost overnight they actually become fitness wild men.

Check out some of the life changing tips/ tricks and techniques you will learn with the WILD MAN TRAINING PROGRAM:

Why most trainers are DEAD WRONG about the way they train people!

How POWER CALISTHENICS will build an unbelievable body and give you lazer like focus.

No more excuses or equipment, your training facility is where ever you are, just you and your body weight.

Discover the forgotten secrets of total fitness, easy to understand and do.

You will dramatically reduce your waist and hips as your overall fitness EXPLODES!

You will get an INCREDIBLY complete workout in less than 1/2 time of a traditional strength training in as little as 5to 15 minutes. GUARANTEED.

Double your overall fitness level almost overnight, spending less time training.

Amazing endurance gains inside of 30 days, imagine NEVER getting tired.

Eliminate unbearable shoulder and back pain that resulted from years of lifting weights, pain usually disappears within a couple of weeks.

Your heart and lung condition will climb to insane levels, you will become a conditioned machine.

Build well shaped legs that will never tire!

Magically have fat melt off your body.

The unique angles with special exercises will explode your upper body development. Hitting your muscles in angles you could NEVER get with a conventional weight or body weight exercise program!

Massive chest , broad back, amazing arms and cannonball shoulders.

Your body will feel GREAT AND INVIGORATED after each session.


By now I’m sure now your wondering how much this going to cost you The Wildman Training Program would normally sell for $34.95 plus $6 S&H and that would be a great deal considering the results that you will achieve.

But, for a limited time you can get The Wildman Training Program for only $ 29.95 plus $6 S&H so don’t delay.

“The New Wildman Training Course”

Or you could jump right to the NEW expanded version The New Expanded Wildman Training Course a three ring binder with 81 total workouts, this New course is only $ 99.95, this course is a steal if you compare what you get or compare the other courses being sold.

Did I mention that I added a Super Strength Isometric Section, isometrics have and always will build strength, they have been used by strength athletes, wrestlers, martial artists for many, many years and the results have been excellent.

The strength that can be built using Super Strength Isometrics are incredible and you will soon see that when Super Strength Isometrics are used with Bodyweight exercises you will see unbelievable strength gains.

So when you order The New Wildman Training Course you will get 81 total workouts and the Super Strength Isometrics section for only $99.95 and this price will go up.

I don’t know anyone who will give 81 workouts in 1 course, most courses are pictures and filler, not this one, it’s all business.


Because I want you to get started today I will offer The New Wildman Training Course at only $79.95 that’s $ 20.00 off the already low price of $ 99.95. Remember this is a 3 Ring Binder that weighs 3lbs – 3lbs of workouts

If you order now you will get 12 more workouts for a total of 93 workouts, and I don’t know anybody who will give so many workouts for such a low price.

If you want to read a bunch of filler then buy the other guy’s course, if you want to get in to the greatest physical shape of your life order the expanded version “The New Wildman Training Course”

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All these programs come with a full 90 Day No- Questions asked Guarantee and the reason I will offer such a strong Guarantee is because these programs work, once you use them you will see for yourself the benefits you will gain at such a small price.

I’m so convinced anyone who switches over to The Wild Training Program or the New Wildman Training Course can expect a full blown transformation in a few short weeks.

This is my promise to you, if you invest only 15 minutes each day following the principles of my training system – you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

I am giving you knowledge. I am giving you all the tools…..


All you have to do, is decide once and for all, that you are going use a program that is GUARANTEED to work. Let me send you ” The Wild man Training Program ” manual, or The New Wildman Training Course by priority mail.

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Johnny G

90 Day, 100 % Money – Back Guarantee

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