Never Be Accepting Or Tolerate The Sickness Of Society.

Weakness is celebrated by halfwit retards in today's failing crumbling society. They say be the change you want in the world, so look at the world and then think this is how most people live and most want it to be this way or they wouldn't be such cowards to let it happen. I will never accept or tolerate any social justice, any progressive fuckery or celebrate any physical or mental abuse pushed … [Read more...]

Liberal Women Hate Children.

Think how far we have fallen as a society when women want to abort their babies and sterilize their children by giving them puberty blockers to transition them to a different gender, think about the sick doctors and politicians that push for the physical and mental illness of children and the population they steal money from!This is plain child abuse. If you or anyone you know supports these … [Read more...]

Stop Crying About Your Job!

Too many people think they are valuable to a job just because they exists. How many men complaining about their job were kidnapped at gun point and made to take an hourly wage against their will? I bet no one. How many men filled the application out for a job and told their employer they are a go getter, a hard worker, they never miss work, will work ALL the hours they can give you, that they are … [Read more...]

If You Were Forced To Get Vaccinated For Your Job And Complied, YOU Are A PUSSY!

If you were forced to get a vaccination for your job and did it out of fear of losing your job, YOU are a PUSSY! If you complied blindly YOU are a PUSSY!If you stand for "Freedom" and kick and scream like a bitch about "Freedom" and got vaccinated, YOU are a PUSSY!If you took the experimental jab for fear of job loss, says you care more about your material shit than your health and your freedom … [Read more...]

80 Year Old Women Banned Instead Of Trans!

We need to put the mentally sick in hospitals and keep them away for the general population! Too many mentally sick individuals are allowed to fuck up society. If you support this sickness you are also sick and should be banned from society, meaning you should be locked away so you can't infect the rest of the population with your mental sickness. If you support … [Read more...]

Boy’s Need To Do Tough Things To Grow Into Strong Men.

The reason society has such weak men is that we removed tough shit in their lives, being afraid to tell them the truth or hold them accountable for their lives and the things they do. My oldest 14 year old grandson just finished a 3 day pinning wrestling camp here in PA at 2020 Olympic Gold Medal winner David Taylors training camp, it was hot and real … [Read more...]

Freedom Is The Cause Of Being Fat!

You might not like politics but all we believe have been shaped one way or another by politics. Weak men fall on the democrat side at least today. People who say they don't pay attention to today's politics are idiots who don't realize it impacts their lives. Today's democrats will do anything to convince people that more government control is good for people i.e. socialism and freedom is the … [Read more...]

Being Fat Should Be An Embarrassment!

People who look at today's social culture as normal are weak, sick individuals. Government wants use sick, fat, weak, compliant, mentally ill, etc and so many are okay with the fallof society. Being fat is one way to show the world you DON'T GIVE A FUCK about your health or your family.If you are fat and strength train you are still FAT and doesn't change the situation, most so called strong men … [Read more...]

Activism Is Okay If It’s Social Activism, But NOT Okay If It’s Activism Against A Degenerate Society!

Why is it okay to burn down minority cities, cancel people, honor the George Floyds in society, force others to believe what you want them to believe even if it is absolute mental sickness and attack people physically with different belief's?  If you are an activist against a degenerate weak society you are called an evil, mean, angry, racist, misogynist, toxic masculinity individual.. I believe … [Read more...]

Being In Nature Is More Important Than Ever, It Is Freak Free!

It's great to be out in nature, nature is very healthy physically and mentally and can be very dangerous at the same time. But the great thing about nature more than ever is it is freak free, you never need to worry about what the people in cities deal with like gender confused menwomen, purple haired, fat, tattooed pigs, gender equality, activists, victim mindsets, fat people, … [Read more...]