Activism Is Okay If It’s Social Activism, But NOT Okay If It’s Activism Against A Degenerate Society!

Why is it okay to burn down minority cities, cancel people, honor the George Floyds in society, force others to believe what you want them to believe even if it is absolute mental sickness and attack people physically with different belief’s?¬†

If you are an activist against a degenerate weak society you are called an evil, mean, angry, racist, misogynist, toxic masculinity individual..

I believe the moment someone gets in your space it’s your job is to stop the threat as soon as possible without thought.

These are two different sides of society, one is actually fighting to keep old school values the other to destroy the values that made America the greatest country.

Destroy those who want to destroy old school values, they deserve it!

Toughen The Fuck Up!

Johnny Grube 

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