Hugh Glass A Fucking BAD ASS!

I could probably just post this guy's picture with no description at all and nobody would even question the fact that he was a total badass.  Look at this fucking guy!  He looks like the kind of man that would pound a bottle of Jack or eat an alligator while skinning a human being alive for looking at him cross-eyed on a Tuesday.  And he pretty much was. Now early 19th Century America was … [Read more...]

Paddy Doyle – World Record Holder and Old School Tough Guy!

Paddy Doyle Old School Tough Guy Paddy was an ex - paratrooper, a Doorman, Bodyguard and Black Belt 3 DAN martial arts instructor. A Multi World record holder Paddy Doyle has been breaking world records since 1987 with the first when he did 4,100 pushups in 4 1/2 hours with a 50 lb plate on his back. Since then Doyle's career achievements of strength speed stamina records are now 360, … [Read more...]

How Street Fighter Geoff Thompson Faced His Fears And Demons

  Wisdom January 12th, 2014 How One Man Faced All His Fears And Demons By Daddy Little known in North America, Geoff Thompson is a man of many talents recognized for his street fighting credentials and self-defense advises among the most influential martial artists in the world. He is an example of self-improvement and dedication, of how a man can … [Read more...]