How To Build Explosive Pushup Power

“How To Build Explosive Pushup Power For Real World Strength and Conditioning.

Johnny Grube showing 5 different pushup bar pushups

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If you have been wondering how you can do more pushups and build a stronger more athletic body you have found it. For years ” Pushups” have been used as an exercise that whips men and women in to shape in record time. The only problem is that most men can’t even do 50 pushups. How pathetic is a man that can’t do 50 pushups. ” Pushups” can and will build strength that will also build stamina and endurance.

Dispite what you think pushups are not just a serious exercise but they are also a complete workout. You can’t go wrong doing pushups the benefits are great. Pushups will build a strong athletic body. Find anyone who does a lot of pushups and you will find someone who is in shape.

As you probably already know if you have been reading magazines pushups are on their way back as a way as conditioning, but the experts are still using the pushup only as a way to pump up, to get the blood flowing. The pushup is far more than a warmup to exercise or to finish off a workout, you can get a great workout using pushups as part of your regular workouts.

Using your own bodyweight will condition your body extremely fast and the pushup is a total body conditioner that can strengthen your body as a whole. To burn more more fat and build lean muscle you need to find ways to work as many muscles as possible at the same time, this is the way to fast results.

To many people are more concerned about weight loss instead of fat loss and there is a big difference, we want to keep lean muscle and lose fat. If we get caught up in what we read we will continue to jog and lift weights and we will get the same results. The pushup will work the whole body, and will also build a lot of strength throughout Isometrics are tensing the muscles without movement and if you hold the pushup position for extended periods of time you will be working the body in an isometric fashion and this will stimulate more fat burning not to mention the way your muscles will be worked.

By holding the pushup position as straight as possible your Abdominal and lower back will get a great workout. This seems to be an easy exercise considering so many people have weak Abdominal and lower backs. Pushups will strengthen the body as one and this is where functional strength comes in, this is how true physical fitness and strength are built.

Pushups can be done at different angles on different surfaces, and this is what builds strength- working your body as many different ways as possible.A great pushup exercise can be done with two medicine balls, either the same size or different sizes it doesn’t matter, you use the medicine balls like pushup bars – you will have to work harder because you have to keep the balls from rolling away and this will build a strong body not to mention a rock hard core. the core, the pushup also acts as a isometric movement.

The Benefits of pushups

The great thing about the pushups is that they can be done anywhere, anytime and there are so many variations that you will always be in for a challenge. Pushups will work: fingers, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calf, feet,

You can do them anyway you like slow, fast, explosive. You can make pushups as hard or as easy as you want them to be. If you don’t think pushups are worth doing – try this simple test, get into a pushup position and hold the pushup position for five minutes and after one minute most people will know-that they are in for four more minutes of pain.

As a result… your body will start to shake, you will start to sweat, your body will want to collapse in a heap on the floor and then you will know that the pushup can be a very effective exercise.

So get down and start pushing floor

Pushups that build explosive strength.

Pushups are more than a just a simple exercise that people use for warmups before a workout or a cool down after a workout, if pushups are done regularly you can build a great deal of strength throughout the whole body. You will find that the pushup can be a very physically demanding exercise, if done the right way they can build a tremendous amount of explosive strength.

People think that the only and right way of doing pushups is do them slow, if you want to be slow train them slow, if you want speed do them as fast and as explosive as you can. Some people can do 100 pushups in a row, but if you tried to do 100 pushups then jumped up and did 10 pullups how would you feel, could you complete it, now we will do the same amount of pushups and pullups but we will change it around a little bit, do 10 pushups, jump up and do 1 pullup, continue this for 10 sets, no rest until all 10 sets are completed.

If you want to build explosive strength try these types of pushups:

The explosive atlas pushup: This pushup is done between 2 chairs or stools, put your hands on the chairs or stools, keep your feet on the floor, dip down between the 2 chairs until your chest is just below the chairs, now from the bottom position explode up as fast and as hard as you can bringing your hands off the chair, then come back down, landing on the chairs. Repeat this for as many times as you can.This pushup can be made harder by coming up from the bottom position and touching both hands to your chest and back to the chair.

The 3 position explosive pushups: These pushups are 3 pushups in one, the hands close together, hands shoulder width, hands spaced wide.

Start this pushup with the hands under your chest, do a pushup, explode up bringing your hands off the ground and spreading your hands shoulder width apart, do another pushup, explode up bringing your hands off the ground and placing them outside your shoulders.

Once you complete all three pushups this is 1 completed pushup, now reverse the order you just did them. Wide, shoulder width, close ( under you chest) continue until you do 10 reps or you can jump back to the starting position ( wide to close) as long as you don’t stop moving,there is no rest.

If you want to make this harder put your feet on a bench or chair. so your jumping from one pushup to another changing the spacing of your hands in one movement, these are demanding but will give you explosive power.

  • Build a rock hard chest, shoulders and arms.
  • Build a strong core.
  • Build lean muscle.
  • Burn more fat.
  • Build explosive power.
  • Build a stronger all around body.
  • Build functional strength.

Build a rock hard chest with pushups.

You no longer need to go to the gym to get that rock hard body, you need to look no farther then using our own bodyweight as resistance. Building a rock hard chest is easier than you think and you don’t or never did have to spend an hour in the gym; all you need is one simple exercise, the exercise is the pushup.

Despite what most people think- the pushup will not only build a big hard chest but will also strengthen the whole body and this means you will get better results in a shorter period of time. If you didn’t know just the act of holding the pushup position works the chest and the entire body and you don’t even have to move, that’s how great the pushup is.

If you are training hard in the gym and are not getting the results try the simple pushup for a little change and get the rewards of a hard fit body. There are more different kinds of pushups then there is bench presses so this means you can work more muscles in a short period of time and the results will be great- and you will never look at the pushup the same way.

The pushup is not going anywhere anytime, an exercise that has been around as  long as the pushup it means it works and always has worked that’s why we still do it yet most prefer the bench press. Show me someone who does alot of different pushups and I will show you someone with a strong core; find me someone who benches 300 to 400lbs and I will show you someone with a weak core.

A pushup that has been used for years and has been done by almost all fitness  icons is the Atlas pushup and this is a great exercise for building strength and endurance. What if you were to do the Atlas pushup a little different; Charles Atlas shows himself doing pushups using 2 chairs with his feet on the ground if you do enough of these you know they will build a nice chest.

This is a great exercise but to make this exercise even greater try it with your hands on chairs and your feet on a swiss ball now you will get a strength building workout as well as an unbelievable core workout.

Want to make it even harder put your hands on 2 basketballs and put your feet on a Swiss ball and do pushups; if you are weak in any area these types of exercises will show you. Try different types of pushups and build a big heaving chest using your own bodyweight as your tool.

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