Boy’s Need To Do Tough Things To Grow Into Strong Men.

The reason society has such weak men is that we removed tough shit in their lives, being afraid to tell them the truth or hold them accountable for their lives and the things they do.

My oldest 14 year old grandson just finished a 3 day pinning wrestling camp here in PA at 2020 Olympic Gold Medal winner David Taylors training camp, it was hot and real intense.

Wrestling is by far the toughest of sports, the conditioning alone is like no other.

In football you can take a play off, in wrestling you slow down you lose!

These kids went hard, it was hot and they all made it through and became stronger boys!

Boy’s need to be put in tough positions, I hike with my 7 year old grandson and he does what he can and never quits, he wrestles and takes Jiu jitsu 3 to 4 times a week and never complains!

I see some hard core mom’s at these wrestling matches and are every bit as tough as the father’s, weak¬†
men will hate to here women can be strong and they have to be with men failing at a high rate!

At least these mom’s realize their boy’s need toughness and make sure they are getting world class training!

If we want strong men we need to raise strong boy’s and the fathers need to stand up and be strong so the boy’s can see their dad’s will sweat and take on the tough things!

Toughen The Fuck Up!




  1. Weak men are a God Dam disgrace to humanity

  2. Hey Chuck , glad you’re back.

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