Being In Nature Is More Important Than Ever, It Is Freak Free!

It’s great to be out in nature, nature is very healthy physically and mentally and can be very dangerous at the same time.

But the great thing about nature more than ever is it is freak free, you never need to worry about what the people in cities deal with like gender confused menwomen, purple haired, fat, tattooed pigs, gender equality, activists, victim mindsets, fat people, etc.

I like taking my grandson or grandsons to fish, trap or just walk in the creek with a net exploring.

Just look at the short video and listen to the sounds of nature.

Toughen The Fuck Up!

Johnny Grube


  1. brings back happy memories of my own childhood .We took all this for granted back then

  2. Rob, yeah I enjoying this with my grandkids. About a month ago we caught a couple of turtles which are now in a tank at home.

  3. I brought some newts home one time. Of course they died because I had no idea how to look after them. I feel bad about that now , but then I remember the stream I used to play in is now buried under a retail park , and compared to that whatI I did as a kid didn’t do any real harm.

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