Liberal Women Hate Children.

Think how far we have fallen as a society when women want to abort their babies and sterilize their children by giving them puberty blockers to transition them to a different gender, think about the sick doctors and politicians that push for the physical and mental illness of children and the population they steal money from!

This is plain child abuse.

If you or anyone you know supports these things you are mentally ill and society would be better without you or them in it.

Supporting these things comes from a diseased body and mind!

Did you know 1 in 4 democrats think men can get pregnant? That is mental illness! 

Toughen The Fuck Up!



  1. Joshua Cisler says

    Hi John, I would like to see your thoughts on this belief out of “liberalism” in which is the topic about the human race how you hear these left-bent cynics that say we as a species are destroying the planet, we are a failed and foolish mutation, and we must be extinct. Some of this you’ve heard from leftist figures such as Jim Morrison and George Carlin. But such as the case of George Carlin, I often wonder if he was a charlatan. These cynics are probably the same kind of people who say fighting such as self-defense is stupid and is a prime example of why the human race is doing so badly and that war is wrong. Carlin also took hot shots against the world of men particularly White conservative alpha males and said that the feminist philosophy is right on one thing that men are the greedy, selfish, controlling and power-driven assholes who are fucking up everything in this planet. Please share me your thoughts or post a video on YouTube.

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