Stop Crying About Your Job!

Too many people think they are valuable to a job just because they exists. 

How many men complaining about their job were kidnapped at gun point and made to take an hourly wage against their will? I bet no one.

How many men filled the application out for a job and told their employer they are a go getter, a hard worker, they never miss work, will work ALL the hours they can give you, that they are the answer to their employers prayers?

ALL lies!

How many men were told the starting salary or hourly wage BEFORE they started?  ALL!

If they are complaining about their job it’s because they are a less than mediocre employee looking for a pay check even though they are basically just taking up time with no accomplishment. 

These people have no discipline, no mental toughness, no skills other than causing issue’s in the work place.

You earn what you are worth, not a penny more!

Toughen the FUCK up!




  1. And weak men love unions . Because they know they can coast and then be protected. Fucking faggots they are . They don’t know what it’s like because it is not their dime they are on but their employers dime .

  2. Chuck, they suck.

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