Freedom Is The Cause Of Being Fat!

You might not like politics but all we believe have been shaped one way or another by politics.

Weak men fall on the democrat side at least today. People who say they don’t pay attention to today’s politics are idiots who don’t realize it impacts their lives.

Today’s democrats will do anything to convince people that more government control is good for people i.e. socialism and freedom is the cause of ALL weak fuckers problems!

Now they want you to believe obesity is from FREEDOM and not personal choices that come from freedom!

These sick fuckers will do all they can to fuck your mind up and manipulate you into a useless valueless government funding piece of shit.

Read the above article!

You are fat because you choose to be, you choose to eat shit food and do little physical activities.

Even fat powerlifting types spend little time building actual health and more time on eating and getting
stronger, yet are still overweight. 

Fat and strong has little difference then being fat and weak!

Toughen The Fuck Up!



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