Being Fat Should Be An Embarrassment!

People who look at today’s social culture as normal are weak, sick individuals.

Government wants use sick, fat, weak, compliant, mentally ill, etc and so many are okay with the fall
of society.

Being fat is one way to show the world you DON’T GIVE A FUCK about your health or your family.

If you are fat and strength train you are still FAT and doesn’t change the situation, most so called 
strong men that are fat, usually have man boobs and should be an embarrassment!

No pride leads to the down fall of society, accepting all the degenerate behavior leads to the down fall of society, looking the other way while mental illness is being spread as normal makes you complicit in the sickness.

I’ll go as far to say and there is research that fat people are less intelligent, yet these are the big boys who play video games all day who fall into the bullshit that being fat is okay.

Living a lie pushed by an already crumbling society just further makes my point of mental brainwashing.

It’s easier to suck in life than to actually try to improve daily, that is why society continue to push “to love yourself no matter what” narrative. Because the fatter, sicker and dumber you become the easier to change your mind that everything is okay.

Problem is you can say you love yourself but your lifestyles and actions show self hatred.

Toughen The FUCK Up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Whenever I see a fatty I think “HOW can you look in a mirror and not be disgusted ? ” I would think if nothing else , at least vanity might motivate them to do something about it , but no, they think they’re doing just fine. You’re right , this modern attitude of “You’re awesome just the way you are ” is very harmful. Most people are not awesome. Most people are in fact worthless sacks of shit and need to realise this.

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