Never Be Accepting Or Tolerate The Sickness Of Society.

Weakness is celebrated by halfwit retards in today’s failing crumbling society.

They say be the change you want in the world, so look at the world and then think this is how most people live and most want it to be this way or they wouldn’t be such cowards to let it happen.

I will never accept or tolerate any social justice, any progressive fuckery or celebrate any physical or mental abuse pushed by the government or public education systems through gender mutilation or Sterilization.

I think these people who celebrate and push this on kids should be dealt with extremely harshly without any local or state lawful intervention.

Toughen The Fuck Up,





  1. I just wonder how bad things can get before people say Enough!
    Liberals don’t realise that when society finally collapses they will go along with it-maybe even before .

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