Mountain Biking Steep Hills will Weaken the Strongest Man!

Part of my training is riding my mountain bike. Hold on, I don’t get dolled up
wearing the bike shorts, bike shirts, clip on shoes or a helmet! I go old school
gym shorts, sneakers, sleeveless shirt and wear a bandana on my head.

I don’t ride the trails or even go off road I find the nastiest steepest hills in my
area and hit them with vengeance. I can tell you I have NEVER seen anyone
not causal bikers or the road racers go near these hills.

The one guy I do know asked me the hills I ride, he has a high end bike, wears
the biking gear, 10 years younger and he told me he burned out after the first

I have never failed the Hated 8 not on my first time and after over a year not doing
them, I did them and finished them with out stopping. Of all the workouts I do
this is the only workout I HATE, the thought makes me actually sick to my stomach,.
because of the pain I have to push through. The whole time fight the negative thoughts
to quit that it’s not worth it.

Fighting mentally to accomplish these hills makes it feel good to accomplish. My
physical body really did want to quit but I refused to let it. I know  people out
their that ride hills and bike regularly will think “Oh I could do it” Maybe they can.

I have heard many people who come from all areas of training tell me they can do this
or do that, and I have had people that run 5 to 10 miles a day come out to train and
in the first 5 minutes yaking in the tree line!

Physical and mental toughness is only built through pushing your mind and body far
past the point of wanting to quit!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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