Weakness Is A Disease!

Weakness is a disease! Being a physically and mentally weak man is unnatural.

Men are born to fight. If man could not fight the human race would be extinct.

Weak men are men that stand for nothing. Weak men are men that can’t stand on their
own two feet. Weak menĀ  look to others to pull them up and out of shit!

Weak men will tell you they are going to improve their situation but, never look to improve
their situation.

Weak men will NOT provide for their family! Weak men will allow others to pay for
their responsibility. Weak men NEVER seek strength. Weak men spend time with
other weak men.

Weak men will NOT stand and fight. Weak men cower away. Weak men
are a disease in society.

Weak men are easily pushed around. Weak men make excuses. Weak men
make weak choices. Weak men have bad habits, they spend time watching
others participate in life while sitting around drinking, doing drugs and
over eating.

Weak men have no tolerance for pain. Weak men look for sympathy from
other weak men. Weak men take the easy way out. Weak make excuses
why are unemployed. Weak men destroy their health through bad lifestyles.

Weak men compromise their values and principals to fit in. Weak men
allow others to run their lives. Weak men are easily defeated.

Weak men are easily broke down! No one respects a weak man! The
only people that respect a weak man is another weak man!

Weak men are a disease!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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