Being Uncivilized Is To Grow Stronger


Every day we get older and every day we get closer to death, do
we want to die weak or do we want to die strong? Every day man
should be ready to fight and provide for his!

Being civilized is to grow weaker to be uncivilized is to grow
stronger! Being aggressive scares a weak society, being
aggressive will make you harder to kill!

Every day we allow others to take from us in the form of
conformity, they want to keep the strong man down; the
strong man is a threat to their weak minded, mass revolution
of weakness!

The more you choose to follow the masses the weaker you grow
and soon enough you will become extinct!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. It’s a good sign I am already considered crazy 1 month after I have moved into my new place.

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