A 1,000 Pushups or a Marathon, What’s Tougher?

A 1,000 Pushups or a Marathon, What’s Tougher?


It seems everyone wants to run a marathon like it’s some kind of
great achievement. Walking or running 26 miles would be tough,
but how do you explain how every celebrity and ex overweight
person can do it? I personally have never wanted to run a marathon
because of the sear boredom, if I was to run a marathon I would throw
in pushups just to make it interesting, meaning every mile do 50 to
100 pushups that would be tough!

I have no interest in running anything Oprah or ex subway fat guy
Jarred can run. My thought would be how many people can do 1,000
pushups in a day? How about 1,000 pushups in the time it takes
to run a marathon 3 to 4 hours? Or doing 1,000 pushups in 1 hour?

Do you think Oprah or ex subway fat guy Jarred could do 1,000
pushups in 24 hours, no way! Most marathoners couldn’t, but the
marathon seems to be the standard of human fitness achievement.

Another question is what would put more of a beating on the body?
26 miles of running or 1,000 pushups, the answer is running 26 miles.

I say this all the time, if you follow and do what everyone else does
you will get the same results. I don’t want to get the results Oprah
or subway Jarred get. If you are a serious runner and you actually
love running continue, but if you are doing because you think it’s the
mark of elite fitness your wrong.

I think a 1,000 push marathon would kill subway Jarred and Oprah
couldn’t get off the ground and ex President heart patient Bill Clinton
couldn’t be helped. I would like to see different standards in America
for fitness, there are a great amount of fit men in the U.S but it seems
that the fittest men come from outside the U.S same goes with the
world strongest men. Why? Is it a tougher way of life? Is it a tougher
way of training?

We look for the easy way out, we are softer, and we listen to whoever
comes up, with the quickest, newest, and easiest way out. Which we all
know hasn’t been working.

I think the 1,000 pushup marathon or at least the amount of pushups
you can do in 1 hour would turn some heads. Give it a try how many
can you do in 1 hour? 1,500, 1,000, 750. Rules are work as hard as
you can for one hour or to 1,000 pushups, and then feel how that
accomplishment feels. This is a physical and mental toughness builder.

Post your results at my blog.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Hey Johnny,
    I like your take on this topic. I feel the same way. America’s standards on elite fitness are extremely skewed and molded through propaganda. I have recently been looking into Parkour to diversify my regime. I was interested in knowing what you think about their training because I’ve seen your take on MMA and Gymnastics and see that training all relates to where you want your body to perform. Thank you


  2. Johnny, I felt compelled to send this message to you after looking over your website. I have to tell you it is completely refreshing to hear someone say it like it is, and not be concerned about hurting someones feelings. And the best part is you obviously put your money where your mouth is. I am a former Marine, and have a rudementary understanding of what being in shape is. But… that was many years ago and I am in no way near that physical fitness level now. I am so glad to have found your site, and your knowledge base. I am presently an American Kenpo Instructor searching for what type of workpout effectively builds functional strength for fighting. My teacher has tremendous punching power and has never lifted a weight in his life. After Vietnam (He is a former Marine himself) he became a Blacksmith. He attributes (As I believe you mention in one of your articles) his striking power to swinging hammers for 40+ years.

    I truly appreciate your writings. I hope to personally correspond with you sometime.

    Take care

  3. Hey Guys,
    I have a bet with my friends. I have to do 1000 push ups in an hour in 3 months starting this week. Now I can do maybe 6-700 in an hour and I pretty well trained. i can do maybe 70-80 in a row. Can you give me some advices here?

    How would you approach the contest?


  4. Hi,

    It is possible. My personal record stands at 1121 push up within one hour. I want to be able to do 2000 in an hour to break the Guinness world record.

  5. A marathon at low pace is tough but at fast speeds you would cry probably.
    A 5 hour marathon is no achievement.
    A 3 hour is.
    A 2 hour…

  6. jake thomas says

    Hey my name is Jake. I love doing 1000 push per hour. Its a feet that is totally achievable. If you push yourself every week to increase your max reps, getting to 1000/ hr will be achievable in a short amount of time, 1-3 months. My record in one hour is 1200 flat push ups. Now I do 450 incline and 550 flats. I want to be able to get 1000 inclines in one hour.

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