Bodyweight Strength Philosophy – Part 3

Bodyweight Strength Philosophy – Part 3

This will be the final and third part to “Bodyweight
Strength Philosophy”. I want to talk about how the
fittest men in the world train. If you look at how the fittest
men in the world train, you need to first decide what
is being physically fit? Physically fit is not treadmill
walking or spending all you’re gym time bench pressing.

Going to the gym three times a week even four times a
week will get you gym fit and by gym fit I mean fit enough to
go the gym and do your workout, for most men and women
it’s about looking good, they really don’t care how fit they really
are; and the funny thing is most people that go to the gym will
tell you they are fit and in shape.

The more people that go to the gym and exercise think that
it’s okay to stop and get a little fast food for a depleted body,
you have seen it; two big macs, large fries and a diet coke,
yeah the diet coke will help.

Really fit men and women would never eat fast food after
a workout, but will go out drinking for the night, I can’t figure
out the philosophy behind the build up the body; then the tear
it down phase.

The fit men and women you see on television and on the covers
of bodybuilding magazine are usually young and the women have
never had children, as for men they spend tons of money on
supplements and a lot of men spend money on steroids.

Moving to bodyweight type training and the benefits of physical
fitness and how they will make a man into a physically fit man or
break a man down into a physical mess.

The military will whip men and women into shape in record time
in boot camp and these men and women win or fail, they push or
give up.

The military doesn’t use split routines, they don’t use one day
on and one day off schedules, they don’t train one body part a week,
they train recruits to survive and they need them to be physically
fit to do that, even today, with the fatter recruits they still use the same
methods, train everyday; push hard and don’t give up.

Prisoners, depending on their situation and where they are in prison
depends on how and when they train, and if you look at the fittest
and some of the strongest prisoners you will find they train every
day, they train outside, they train in their cells, they train when
and where they can.

As far as the so called prison fitness books, there are three that I have
seen that are actually written by real prisoners, not some made up by a
marketing genius that would have everyone believe that prisoners train
like a gymnast. Prisoners and some prison gangs train everyday for
function and violence, not looks.

I said it before, men that train just for strength will have a problem if they
ever come across someone who is physically fit.

Back to the gym, most men spend more time resting in between sets and
walking to the water fountain, that’s why a typical gym session is about
an hour, ten minutes of actual training – fifty minutes of rest and water.

People are under the philosophy that the more you rest the stronger
you become, I have a different philosophy; the more you train the
stronger you become.

Here’s an example, PX90 workout, I have been told that the PX 90
workout is whipping people into shape. I’m for any workout that can
get people moving. The workouts are long by my training standards,
I like to get in and get the most done in the shortest period of time.

I gave a PX 90 supporter a simple test – do 100 prisoner squat thrusts
( squat thrust with a pushup) as fast as possible 10 minutes is good
8 minutes better and under 5 minutes your moving and world class
fit. The result, he never finished in the 10 minute time limit.

Strength is built by keeping your muscles under more tension than
normal, the longer the tension on the muscle, the stronger the muscle
will become, plain and simple. But, the added benefit and this is where
you need to pay attention.

The more you can do in an anaerobic state, the stronger you will become
physically and mentally, when you are depleting the body and muscles
of oxygen and are still able to keep going that’s where real physical and
mental toughness is built.

Toughness Builds Winners

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