Bodyweight Training – Back Pack Training for Elite Physical Fitness

Bodyweight Training – Back Pack Training for Elite Physical Fitness


A great way to add to you training is to get a good back pack
and load it up for a different type of workout.  A weight vest is
good but distributes weight pretty evenly, a back pack wants
to move around and is always trying to pull you back and forces
your body to make adjustments building more muscles as well
as burning more fat in a faster more effective way.

The great thing about back pack training it gets you ready for real
life training.

The military’s special forces use back packs for long 15 to 20
mile hikes, you can use a back pack for pushups, step-ups, hill
climbs, stair stepping, pull-ups etc.

Adding as little as 20 lbs in a back pack will change the way or body
will respond to an exercise like pushups, an extra 20lbs will knock the
number of pushups down more than 50 %, if you are not used to it.

So, why not just lift weights if you are just adding weight? If pushups
will use more muscles then bench pressing how do you think your
body will respond when you add a 20 extra pounds.

Anytime you force the body to work against gravity with an
unbalanced load other muscles will need to respond to make
up for weaker ones, this alone will build a functional base you
need for real life situations.

I use back pack training to build physical and mental toughness.
If you add an extra 40 lbs in your back pack and you make it
where the exercise gets uncomfortable and you keep going
despite the moving and the shifting of the weight over a set
period of time you can build a high level of physical and mental

Every so called fit man will say he can do back pack training and
the fact, if the military’s special forces train this way this alone
should tell you that only the elite will be rewarded. The problem
everyone thinks he’s in the elite category, and very few
are. But this will test you, physically and mentally.


Want to build a little physical and mental toughness?
Try this workout!

Load a back pack with 40 lbs, strap the pack up good.
The goal is to walk 1 mile and in the 1 mile hike you will
drop and do as many pushups as you can, stand up –
keep walking and stopping whenever you can and do more

Here’s the tough part, and get ready for your body to start
shaking and straining. The goal is to do 250 to 500 pushups
in that 1 mile hike and you cannot cross the 1 mile marker
before you complete the number of pushups you have

Also coming out of the pushup position your knees are never
hit the ground, get right back on your feet and keep walking.

Think you can walk 1 mile and do 250 to 500 pushups in
30 minutes.  Try it!

If you have the guts you’ll give it a try.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. 250 in a mile is 1 push up every 7 seconds, with 40lbs of extra weight. Nope, don’t reckon I could do that. In fact I am not entirely sure anyone can do that, bar captain america.

  2. The goal is to do 250 in the 1 mile you can do 10,20,30 or more or multiple sets before you start walking
    again it’s very doable. A regular track 4 laps 1 mile you can do 20 every 100 meters that being 80 pushups
    4 times around is 320.

  3. Tredwell Abrams says

    I have been in the Marine Corps for over 20 years. Backpack training is time tested and true way to get fit. Happy to see you bringing it to the Masses John! Love this blog. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Thanks man, and thank you for your service!

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