Bodyweight Training – The 30 day 60 second Pushup Challenge

Bodyweight Training – The 30 day 60 second pushup challenge

What is the 30 day 60 second pushup challenge? For most men
it will mean pain and sweat, it will mean a shot to the ego; it will
be a wakeup call. This is for men or women that think there is no
time to exercise. If you are serious I have a challenge, and all it
will take is 1 minute every single day, you heard it right, you will
spend only 1 minute a day doing pushups.

So what’s the goal and the reason to do pushups for 60 seconds
everyday for 30 days? Before you do this or even try it, you need to
make a commitment that you will do pushups everyday for 60
seconds but you have to do it every single day for 30 days.

If you miss one day you need to start over from day one. If you can’t
make a commitment for 60 seconds everyday for 30 days you will never
be able to stick with any goal you set.

So commit now!

There are two reasons for the 30 day 60 second pushup challenge one
is to show you that you can improve in only 60 seconds a day and two, it
takes 21 to 30 days to break or build a habit.

If you can only do 30 in 60 seconds the first day, you can expect to be
able to do anywhere from 70 to 80 pushups, maybe more, maybe
less. If you do pushups everyday for 30 days your body will start
to get stronger, your conditioning will get better, and best of all; you
will know that you can get better every day with a little effort and

Pushups are the forgotten bodybuilder. Pushups are also the exercise
that most use as the measure the level of physical fitness, but many
only use it as a warm up or a cool down exercise. These people have
no idea the benefits they are losing by dismissing the pushup as a
serious training tool.

When doing your 60 seconds of pushups, do them as fast as possible
and do as many as possible, rest if you have to but get in as much
work as possible, no dogging it, after all it’s only 1 minute.

Remember, to commit to 60 seconds for only 30 days and I guarantee

Toughness Builds Winners


  1. This works! By doing this short intense workout, you have no burnout and soreness the following day, and you get stronger.

  2. Ben Porter says

    Well spoken, I’m going to start this right now.

  3. Rashme Rafes says

    Ooo I love it! Let the challenge begin 🙂

  4. Brent Clogston says

    I can see and feel a huge difference in only 7 days. I can’t wait to see day 30.

  5. Jefry Moncion says

    Just finished a 30 push up challange. Starting this one tonight!

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