Bodyweight Training Outdoors – Keeping it fun for great results

Bodyweight Training Outdoors – Keeping it fun for great results

Nothing is better than training in the great outdoors. The fresh
air, the sun and the environment are very good for a healthy
workout.  Years ago I switched from the conventional weight
training to the natural training of bodyweight training.

The number one biggest benefit I got from switching to a more
natural training style is my body has healed itself from many years
of weight training injuries.

A second great benefit is spending less time training and getting
better results. Because most bodyweight training exercises
use many muscles at one time.
Most weight training or trainers isolate muscles needing to work
a lot of muscles with a lot of different exercises to get slow results.

A third benefit is how my body has been transformed back in to a
leaner more athletic body. Using your own bodyweight is a great
way to get physical fit and become athletic.

Training with your own bodyweight gives you so many advantages
that traditional equipment can’t, for one thing you’re portable and
easy to carry. You can train anywhere at any time so there is
no excuses.

Your backyard, a park already has natural training equipment
like trees, hills, rocks, grass and parks have swings, jungle
gyms, benches everything you need to burn more fat and
build more functional strength quicker than you ever thought

I believe that there is no better way to get in tune with your
body then by actually using your body as the way to get fit.
You may find that the more you train naturally the more you
may choose to eat a more natural diet and that will cause
the fat to fly off in almost record time.

I think the more people expose themselves to the outdoors
and become more active through walking, hiking, biking
running, bodyweight training I think they will have a better
appreciation  if of what the outdoors can bring not only in
health but also in mood.

It’s been proven that exercise outdoors and being exposed
to the sun has a dramatic effect on the way people feel. I very
rarely train indoors. I like to mix it up, going to different
parks, walking different trails, finding new and exciting places
to train.

Almost all parks are different and that means they will have
different pieces of equipment and a different landscape making
you more creative in your exercise programs. This will
keep it fun and you will more than likely stick with it

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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