How to lose weight…. The can’t fail, works every time fat loss and exercise solution

How to lose weight…. The can’t fail, works every time fat loss and exercise solution

You probably already know that weight loss can be a rough thing to
go through. What if I could give you a works every time solution?

First, you need to focus on losing body fat and not losing weight.
You want to lose body fat and keep lean muscle. Losing weight
can mean starving yourself, losing lean muscle and holding on to
body fat.

Second, you need to know that there is no secret weapon. If you are
looking to lose 30 pounds in one week, forget it!

Fat loss should be healthy and not a quick fix.

Third, you need to be willing to make a change. You need to change
your eating habits. Most of men and women are psychological eaters
they eat just to eat, stress, boredom, social events meaning we eat to
feel good.

You need to know you have bad eating habits before you can change,
if you are in denial, you will never be in control.

Moderation will not work. Why? If it did no one would be fat or unhealthy.
Moderation is a great concept the only problem is your habits will not
allow you to eat the foods you love in moderation. The more you think
about food the more you crave it.

You need to know why you need to change. You can’t do it for anyone
but yourself. You can’t do it for your kids your parents, your husband,
or your wife. You need to do it for you.

You need to have a goal. Then you need a plan of attack. If you have
failed in the past it’s because weight loss and your health are not that
important to you. Food is your master.

You need a clear weight loss goal, one you can live with. A goal that
will not get you overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time. You need to
write down your goal and keep it with you.

If you are 30 pounds overweight you can’t expect to lose 30 pounds
in two weeks, it won’t work. If you wanted to lose 30 pounds in three
months you would figure how much is that every week it’s about 2.5
pounds every week and that is very easy to reach.

I will show you how to lose weight even quicker and safe if you just
follow what I say.

You want to eat as natural as possible. Lean meats, chicken, fish
eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits and drink as much water
as you can, replace almost all other beverages with water.

Stay away or limit pastas, breads, sugars, (cake, candy, cookies etc,)
soda, Limit how much dairy you eat ( milk, cheese, yogurt etc. ) it’s
high in calories and you don’t need it.

If you eat from the list of natural foods and eat more vegetables and
fruit you can’t fail. Some things you need to know. Always eat fruit on
an empty stomach and best in the morning, you will burn the sugar off
through out the day.

Bring healthy snacks to work vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds hard – boiled
eggs etc so when you get hungry you will have something to snack on.
You don’t want to get hungry and start thinking about food. Stay away
from all vending machines. No granola bars.

Drink water through the day. It will make you feel full and will flush out
your system. Water is the second most important thing we need to
survive, air being the first.

3,500 calories equals one pound so if you eliminate one 500 calorie
snack from your day you will lose one pound a week just from giving
up one 500 calorie snack. If you start to do a little exercise everyday
and doing it when you can the results will come faster. Walk when
you can, and yeah men can walk to. Walking works for men and

Burn an extra 300 calories a day drop a 500 calorie snack and you
will have a 5,600 calorie almost 2 pounds a week from hardly doing
nothing. Try it, It’s simple and works.

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