I’m Scrawny, and I dare you to Kick Sand in my Face!

Remember the old Charles Atlas dynamic training course?

He advertised it in magazines, the ad was a comic
strip showing a skinny guy on the beach with his girlfriend
and a big dude walks up to him and man handles the scrawny
guy embarrassing him, he runs home; orders the course and
14 days later he’s big and back at the beach taking care of

We still live in a time that it’s all about size, and size is okay
if you are doing it other reasons than trying to intimidate
other men; because size doesn’t intimidate all men.

All men were not created equal and you already know this,
and if you think that having a lot of size means fitness you
have been bamboozled. Younger men still think size is the
way to go and for some it is, but for most it’s about taking
drugs and supplements to try and be someone their not.

If you’re a bodybuilder and want to live that lifestyle go ahead
it’s a hard long road and it’s forever, it’s not a 6 month
training regime to get 17” arms so you can walk in a bar to
impress a few honeys.

It’s about what you want to accomplish, it’s about being
who you are, most talk a good game and never get any
real results because they lack action. Without action
you have nothing.

Training for life is what it implies, you make training a
lifestyle not 6 months on and 6 months off, like most
loud mouths.

I chose to improve my life by becoming the best I can
be for as long as I can be, I do it for me, I have always
done it for me, and my reasons are different than yours,
you need to find your reason.

Cutting weight and giving up weight lifting was a shot to
my ego in the beginning but I wanted a better way that
would bring me quicker results and results that will bring
my a higher level of conditioning, I sacrificed some strength
and traded up for a high level of conditioning and a leaner
more athletic body.

If a few like to talk about how scrawny I am, or how certain
people don’t have a ripped body will never understand that
it doesn’t matter what you look like; it’s about what you get
done and what you can do.

Physical fitness is not for the talker it’s for the doer, so
if you think you can kick some sand go ahead – but be
careful whose face you kick it in.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Hey John –

    Giving up weight training was a shot to my ego too. I used to weigh 210 lbs – bench press close to 300 and squat close to 400lbs. Now I’m a lean and much more fit 175. Yesterday, I noticed my sons basketball coach – he looks in his 20’s, trains with weights and has 18″ arms. I was a little envious, but I got over it quick. I wondered how functional fit he is. when I walked back to my car, I felt like challenging him to a fingertip superman, or one arm superman pushup, or handstand pushup contest sometime. I bet I could “get him” in at least one category. I train for me too, no one else. Because I know no one else really cares. the world is weak and fat, and I’ve never wanted to be like everybody else. Always tried to stand out from the crowd. I still miss having a weight lifing build, but I know I’m much better off without it. Take care!

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