Parents – Guilty of over feeding their children

Parents – Guilty of over feeding their children

As you already know we have a child obesity epidemic. Why are children
getting fatter and fatter? We blame today’s society for this problem. We
blame television we blame lack of exercise we blame the schools we
blame everything for this epidemic except for the real cause, the parents.

I’m blaming the parents of fat children. You buy the food, you cook the food
you watch them eat the food, so how can you blame anyone or anything
except yourself.

The parents are causing these children lifelong damage and ridicule. Kids
are mean and by over feeding your child you are setting them up for attacks
as well as lifelong disease.

Parents need to be role models for their children, like the old saying
“monkey see, monkey do”. If you are stopping four times a week to
buy fast food and are buying gallons of soda, it’s your fault. You are
killing your children.

What I find ironic is if you starve your children you are a criminal, but
if you over feed your children you’re a good parent. Think about it
does your child drink more soda or water? The answer is soda but
if you don’t offer it, they can’t drink it. Water has no calories and we
need it to survive, soda has 150 calories and eats the paint off
cars. So what’s the better choice?

There are many excuses as to why parents don’t monitor their children
but you could make better food choices, teach them a little about the
benefits of exercise and health and turn off the television and send
them outside.

Parents need to take charge instead of blaming everyone and everything
for their problems take a stand and just say NO!

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