Skip Your Next Meal, It Won’t Kill You!

Skip Your Next Meal, It Won’t Kill You!

We are constantly hearing from experts and doctors don’t skip
meals if you want to lose weight. I disagree. The experts want
you to eat five or six times small meals a day for weight loss.
The concept is that by eat five or six small meals a day will
keep you from being hungry and will keep your metabolism

What the experts don’t tell you is that it is in our DNA as humans
to be able to skip meals and be fine. As a matter of fact the only
real way to prolong life is through calorie restriction. The experts
and big companies want you to eat five or six small meals a day
and now they sell these small portion meals to you to make you
feel like you are doing something good for yourself.

Did you ever notice most of these small meals are almost always
pasta type meals? They charge you a lot of money for something
you could make for a few cents.

Have you ever noticed the people that eat these small meals of
pasta really don’t ever seem to lose much weight, and why do they
not lose weight? It’s because these pasta meals do not promote
weight loss they raise the blood sugar and produces insulin and
stores body fat.

Look at the way they fatten hogs and cows, they feed them grains.
Animals that are fed a natural grazing diet don’t get as big and
they don’t produce enough bulk or milk fast enough so they feed
them an unnatural diet so they get fat faster, and that’s the way most
people in this country eat. If most people were to eat more natural
foods they would eat less calories and be full longer and be feeding
the body nutrition that it needs.

Fast food is high in calories and fat but eating two cheese burgers
at one sitting is no sweat for almost any kid and you probably will
have eaten over 1,000 calories in one sitting, but if you boiled some
chicken and put it over some spinach with a little dressing you have
a healthy lunch or dinner and saved yourself probably 600 calories.

And that would equal at least one pound lost every week! If you
can’t skip a meal do your best to eat one meal that is nutritious
during the day and build on that.


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