The # 1 Weight Loss Solution that is “Guaranteed” to Work.

The Weight Loss Solution that is “Guaranteed” to Work.

“Fat people want their cake and want to eat it too”

Am I wrong here? If you talk to any fat person about
weight loss or a fat person asks you what they can do
to lose weight, and you give them an answer; they will
almost always put up resistance. Fat people will tell you
that I can’t give that up or I’ve heard, I’m Italian and I love
bread and pasta. Yeah, the reason your fat is because
you keep eating what got you fat in the first place.

Fat people want you to tell them to eat all the cake, cookies,
pasta, chips, soda they want, just eat a salad for dinner and
everything will be alright. Fat people want the easy diet.

Fat people see a diet as short term. Fat people figure that
when I drop a few pounds than I can go back to eating the
same way they used to. Fat people use food as a reward
for weight loss.

If you were trying give up cigarettes, would you reward yourself
with a cigarette? If you were giving up alcohol, would you reward
yourself at happy hour? This is real life. Fat people almost always
eat all day long. Fat people are always thinking about their next
meal. Fat people almost always know they will fail before they

Want the solution to this problem? “Keep your word to yourself”
hold yourself accountable, know you are capable of change, but
only if you can keep your word to yourself. You are the most
important person, if you can keep your word to family and friends
but always let yourself down, why even bother.

There are no rewards without pain. A little pain, and then great

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