The Jillian Michaels scam, who’s the biggest loser?

The Jillian Michaels scam, who’s the biggest loser?


I was reading how some “experts“ were having
a hard time with her new kettle bell DVD. There
were others questioning her certification. Let me
give you a little advice on certification.

In 2000 I took a 40 hour certification and in the class
were a fat old man, a fat man, a fat man that smoked,
and a guy that could not balance on one leg all became
certified personal trainers.

I decided that if all you need to do is be book smart, take
a test, and become a certified trainer, I was done.

Today’s certification is not worth the paper they are written
on. There are some great trainers out there, but there are
more bad ones then good.

Let’s go to kettle bell certification, pay your money, go
to a training area throw around a kettle bell and become

I do believe that experience is the key, not certification,
look at today’s certification, and the body still works the
same way it did a million years ago. Our heads turn,
knees bend, we can raise our arms, bend at the body.

Amazing, but if we take a regular class for certification
we will learn to lift with the load close to your body, bend
with the knees and so on, if this is the case functional
fitness has no part because in real life, functional fitness
is a way of life and with the new breed of people training
for functional fitness the way you move your body and the
things you do go against all the course material.

I do believe if you train special populations, old people
with disability you need to be trained. You don’t want to
put a old fat man on a regimen of hill sprints and burpees,
that would be bad for business.

Let’s look at Richard Simmons is he certified or not? Probably
not, and no one really cares, you know why?  He got fat
ladies to move and sweat and then would cry with them
It didn’t matter if he was certified.

Jillian Michaels made her name on “The Biggest Loser”
I have never seen this show until the other day. I saw it
for five minutes. She was yelling in some 400 pounders
face who wanted to give up.

Then the weigh in, #1 these people should keep their shirts
on # 2 clapping for a 400 pounder that lost 6 pounds- that’s
like throwing a chair off the titanic.

Six pounds, weighing 400lbs, he could lose 6 pounds getting
out of a chair he’s that overweight.

Anyhow this is my take on certification and I know people will
be pissed off about the kettle bells, hey I wonder why there was
no certification for the  “Soloflex“  you remember the rubber
band machine.

Anyhow just my opinions and having a little fun.

Try this workout:

1 minute- burpees, jumping jacks, burpees, jumping jacks,
30 seconds – jumping jacks, burpees, jumping jacks, burpees,
jumping jacks

15 seconds – burpees, JJ, burpees, JJ, burpees

Non stop go from the minute to 30 to 15 seconds your legs
and chest will be on fire

Go right to Bear Crawls

Finish with 10 – 5 yard Bear Crawl sprints. Bear Crawl 5 yards
run back and repeat.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S.  Get the “Wildman Training Program” if you want a kick in the


  1. Alissa Cunningham says

    I enjoyed reading your post. I too am not a fan of Jillian Micheals, however, I do watch “The Biggest Looser” strictly for it’s entertainment value. The truth is, the over exercising, low calorie meal plans, and whatever else goes on once the cameras stop filming is beyond appalling to me. It’s obvious the show was created out of greed. The show has great ratings, the network makes millions of dollars, case closed.
    I think the choice to get healthy should not be driven by money. That is why the “trainers” train the contestants like they do, that’s what people want to see. It appears to me that the “trainers” on the show are driven by greed as well. Ever notice how they plug certain brand, “Yoplait Greek Yogurt”, “Jenny-O turkey”, That dessert gum(I forget the brand), and oh yes my favorite, “Subway”. I wonder if they know or even care what the ingredients are in the products they are plugging? It drives me crazy. Jillian and all of her diet products, the detox diet, the shakes, the pills, the workout DVD’s….. It’s sick. But so many people are influenced by what they see on TV and products sell like hotcakes.
    By the way, I am a certified fitness trainer, I got my start as a United States Navy fitness leader, then I became a certified personal fitness trainer, and a certified online personal fitness trainer(NESTA, allows trainers to create fitness plans and meal plans using an online database complete with pictures and video demonstrations to show clients proper form) This form of training should first start with a face to face meeting of the client to complete the customary medical and fitness assessments. I have a total of 14 years experience. I am very passionate about overall wellness, which is why Jillian angers me. I could never potentially do harm to a client in exchange for making more money. I joke with my business partner that, “The reason we don’t make alot of money training is because we are in it for the right reasons.” People want instant gratification, and Jillian delivers. But at what cost????
    Thanks for allowing me to post a comment. I hope you continue to speak out on issues, and shed some light on the truth

  2. This article is fuckin awsome. It Shits all over the crappy fitness industry, makes fat jokes, then gives you a sick workout. Good stuff as usual Johnny G.

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