The Poor Man’s Diet

The Poor Man’s Diet

If you are looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off
try the poor man’s diet. What’s the poor man’s diet? First
let me clear something up. There is a lot of people that
think eating healthy is expensive.

Eating healthy can be expensive if you get sucked into what
you read or listen to through the media and infomercials, buying
weight loss supplements, having meals sent to you through the
mail, meal replacement shakes and t.v fitness equipment are
expensive and is not the answer.

If you shop at health food stores you will pay more than at the
grocery store so if money is an issue shop in the grocery store.

We waste so much time trying to eat well and fooling ourselves
into thinking we know what has to be done to stay healthy and
lean and still wind up sick and fat.

Confused is probably a better word. Well I’m going to show you
that you can eat in expensive and healthy and never be hungry.

It’s really simple and that’s the key. Keep it simple. If you listen
today’s experts and listen to the eat 5 to 6 small meals a day
can give you the wrong idea, the thought is by eating smaller
meals throughout the day will keep you from being hungry
and keep your metabolism high. But, most people think they
have to make 5 to 6 small meals a day and living in today’s
fast moving society it’s easier to pull up to the drive through
and order your food in a bag.

So how’s the poor man’s diet going to help me? It will help
you by getting you lean and healthy, by eating food that is
cheap and that will keep you full longer.

Before I go farther, some people will say they can’t afford to
eat healthy and that’s why they buy more processed food.
What I have seen is that people that say this have other bad
habits like smoking, beer and junk food.

Also no one said you have to buy so much food that it’s falling off
your selves, buy sensible.

Here’s a sample list of food that is healthy and pretty inexpensive.

#1 oatmeal

#2 eggs

#3 chicken

#4 vegetables

#5 fruits

#6 peanut butter

# 7 rice

#8 potatoes

# 9 pasta

# 10 breads

#11 water

This list is just a sample but just the short list can and will keep
you healthy. Nothing on this list is expensive. The most expensive
thing on the list is probably fruit.

Vegetables and your proteins are what you want to build your
eating habits around. Fresh vegetables are the best, frozen
being the next best choice canned being the last choice.

If you do buy canned use a strainer, pour in your vegetables
and rise off the vegetables.

Eat rice and pasta, potato and breads earlier in the day so you
have a better chance of burning off the carbohydrates. If you eat
pastas and rice make them with fresh or frozen vegetables.

Oatmeal is great in the morning for a filling breakfast, eggs are also
great or you can have some fruit. I would eat fruit earlier in the day
to keep your energy high. Fruit takes almost no energy to digest
and will keep you moving.

Apples, oranges, pineapple, bananas are probably the cheapest
fruits, it’s cheaper to eat fruits in season. Stay away from canned
they are filled with syrups and packed with sugar and calories.

Frozen berries are not the cheapest but can be used to make
a great energy drink and a protein drink if you add some peanut
butter. Eat fruit on an empty stomach. It will only take about ½ hour
to digest the fruit. It takes about 3 hours to digest other foods.

The most important is water. Water is the most important
substance for us to sustain life only second to air. No
bottled water. It’s not necessary and bottled water is
expensive and has been proven not to be better than
plain old tap water.

You can live the rest of your life pretty healthy eating
as basic and simple from the foods listed.


  1. Darryl Brown says

    Hi there. i have been going to the gym for about 5 months now and have seen great results. My stomach is the hardest to lose the fat. i do a hour of cardio every second day (20 minutes on the treadmill walking quickly, 15 minutes on the cross trainer 15 minutes on the Exercycle and 10 minutes on the rower machine. The days im not doing cardio im doing a weights. Both the weights and the cardio have been designed by the gym instructor. i seem to get downhearted about the stomach fat. As well as all of this i work part time 3 hours a day cleaning a school. I dont stop moving the whole time. will my stomach fat come off with all this exercise or do i have to concentrate on this area. Thanks.

  2. Great list, I’ve been eating healthy for about a month now and I have lost 10 pounds just on cleaning up my diet. I can’t go a day without a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, really fills you up. I hate to say but I am TIRED of chicken, I try to switch up the seasoning I put on them but I am fed up with chicken.

    I have been eating canned tuna in water. Is that a healthy option or should I stay away from it since it is in the can?

  3. I was recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and have been encouraged to try a version of the poor man’s diet as a way to control symptoms. For an entire year, I’ve been instructed to eat only fish, vegetables and rice, with some high quality vegetable oils and nuts. After a year, I can occasionally have egg whites and white chicken meat. No more alcohol, dairy, sugar, and most fruits ever again, not to mention preservatives and additives. I’m still waiting for my arthritis symptoms to abate, but in 1 1/2 weeks I’ve lost the few extra pounds I’ve been battling with for 2 decades, my skin and hair is healthier than ever, and I’m surprisingly satisfied – I thought I’d feel deprived.

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  5. The article is pretty good but I would suggest you do more research on how good tap water is for you if its the town or cities. They add fluoride which is waste from aluminum manufacturing plants. A lot of it comes from China. We buy it and it gets dumped in the water. Nice huh?
    Also check out and ask yourself why are they doing this to the population.

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