Speak Up or Shut Up!

If you train but are afraid to speak out, are afraid of saying something that might get you fired are you really strong?

You sure as hell ain’t free!

I have to wonder why someone will share his training experience using my methods, how his life was improved, how much stronger they have gotten, and not allow me to use their comments in testimonials just to inspire others?

If I use a name it’s never a last name, their are millions of John’s, Mark’s, Dan’s, Harry’s etc.

So who will know who Harry is with no last name?

What are you afraid of?

I understand privacy, but I would rather not here your results if I can’t share it with other men.

And this happens a lot.

I do appreciate all who read, but if I can’t share great results from others, I would ask people don’t share them with me.

I rarely email anyone that I have benefited from.

On a few occasions that I have reached out to those guys, they used my story or comment in their emails or on their website, it’s the least I could for men who changed my life.

I just don’t understand the reasons.

I feel if you are hiding stay hidden!

Whether people read it not, whether I help people or not I will keep writing.

I just don’t know when men became afraid of strength and¬†afraid of speaking out!

Men no longer want to have conversations about so called taboo subjects in society, they are afraid of losing their jobs, a man that can’t speak up for his right to speak is a man not worthy!

If you are offended too fucking bad!

As a matter of fact if you aren’t willing to say what you wrote to someone’s face then don’t write it! It makes you a coward.

Men who are afraid to speak up, should find a place to hide, you don’t deserve respect!

And if you are afraid someone may see a a positive comment you wrote, you are a different kind of weakling!

If you can’t speak up, hide! ¬†Let other men carry your weight and defend your right to be a fucking man!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says:

    Kind of like playing devil’s advocate.

    Always fun to join the dark side now and then.

  2. They rather type it on social media instead of saying it literally . Men are really toppling down the hill . It’s fucking sad . John I remember the first time I found your website I was saying to myself … finally someone out there that sees things like I see it and isn’t afraid of speaking up . You’ve helped me in many ways John . And my name is Chuck , anytime you wanna use any of my comments or anything feel free brother .

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  4. Johnny Grube says:

    Guys I gotta be honest here, I can’t keep beatin around the bush about it, I’m just gonna come out and say it!

    i’m…….GAY. I’ve been feeling like this for a long time now, i can’t deny my pure penial passion. i realised this when i became friends with a woman i didn’t want to fuck. I know what you’re going to say, but believe me when i tell you, i’m hungry for dick.

  5. Taste the salt says:

    this fuckin loser has 12 pages of diatribing like oprah, 12 dear diary pages! maybe give your heads a shake a realise this talking cocknose is a; living breathing hypocrite,

    Maybe I’m seeing things, but 12 pages of Pissing and Moaning about Why this, and Why that, fuck this is the equivalent to Bridgette Jones Diary.

    What hollow fuckin tool. New Video is up, watch this gerriatric slug slither down the stairs ONCE! Wooooow!

    A fuckin 5 year old kid can do that, you want a fuckin TROPHY?!? Dipshit!

  6. Bee Ell says:

    Ya this guys videos fuckin suck balls, 1 minute of doin 1 activity proves youre some diehard tryhard king shit of turd island?

    his vids are spuraticaly shot between evry 2 – 4 days, then has the gaul to lie and say he works out EVERYDAY after work?

    Bitch who you think youre foolin? 1 minute workouts are fake as fuck, just because you do it once and for 1-4 minutes dont mean jack shit,

    half hour to 1hr videos would prove it, but not some dog fucker video thats shorter than a fuckin commercial is just lying little bitch bullshit.

    this bald cocknosed faggot cant handle criticism so you can be sure he’ll be OFFENDED by my comments.


    Fuckin bullshit cocknosed goof!

  7. (_)_)============D says:


  8. marovsky says:


    I like to beat weak women because I’m stronger than them. That makes me strong.

  9. Marovsky says:

    I’m unsubscribing! fuck this shit!!

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