1 X 100 Dead Lift Challenge

Want to test your workable Blue Collar Strength?

The original test was to Dead lift your bodyweight for 1 X 50 reps and it was thrown out there by a professional strong man. 

The first time I tried the the attempt years ago I completed it the first time, despite not doing any traditional dead lifting in over twenty years.

I videoed it and it’s on my YouTube channel and was surprised how no one who responded could complete the task, even after training to do it.

A few months later I did 1 X 50 reps with 30 lbs more than I weighed, but did wear wrist straps, my grip was not up to standard.

Since that time I have Dead lifted 135 lbs 585 reps in 1 hour   78,975 lbs and my bodyweight 155 lbs for 551 reps in 1 hour total volume of 85,405 lbs.

But my recent test was how many times I could dead lift             135 lbs only resting holding the bar with NO wraps and the first was 80 reps.

About 4 months later with NO dead lifting I completed 1 X 100 reps with 135 lbs a total volume of 13,500 lbs in under 4:30.

At a bodyweight of 160 lbs

The same weight moved with heavier weight.

500 lbs 27 reps.

400 lbs 34 reps.

300 lbs 45 reps.

200 lbs 68 reps.

NOT putting the bar down or using and straps will NOT be easy in under 4:30.

This will test a LOT about your strength and conditioning.

Johnny Grube



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