10 Minutes and this Workout will Cripple you!

10 Minutes and this Workout will Cripple you!

I can no longer figure it out. The training methods used today
are amazing. Every person selling a program, anyone that has
trained for two days are now experts and will tell you why this
will work and why this will not work. I have stopped reading most
everything on fitness.

I will tell you why. After 30 plus years of training and trying almost
every method in the history of weight training and using every new
piece of equipment guaranteed to add size and strength. Supplement
after supplement. I found that I have gotten more stupid. I figured out
 that I started training at 12 years old for street survival.

In the years I played sports and took martial arts I thought the mainstream
fitness found in magazines and in the gyms were the way. Fast forward
years later 85 pounds lighter many years older I figured out that the more
simple and intense my training became the less I read and the more I
trained for “Real Life” my physical fitness has sky rocketed.

I no longer cared about 18 inch arms or having a 400lb bench
press; it meant nothing in the real world. Today’s world has become
a savage place to live, and if you can’t defend yourself and are not really
physically fit mentally and physically you will be in big trouble.

As a matter of fact I have simplified my workouts and eliminated the
exercises that I feel were a waste of MY time.

For instance, I no longer do any type of distance running; it never helped
me in any area of my life other than being able to run distance. I sprint, I
jump rope, I do a lot of jumping and the results have been amazing.

But, the amazing thing is I have no problem throwing an 80lb heavy bag
on my shoulder and running a mile if I want.

I can do thousands of pushups and do many sprints that would cripple
a basic runner or strict weight trainer.

Where am I going with this, where I want, it’s just something I wanted
to write.

You have 5 minutes to jump rope 500 times and do as many 8 – count
bodybuilders you can in the 5 minutes. Then repeat no rest. For a
total of 10 minutes you completed jumping rope 1,000 times and
hopefully a respectful amount of 8 – count bodybuilders.

Some won’t be able to complete 500 turns in 5 minutes or even be able
to do any 8 – counts but give it a try!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube






  1. Awesome. I love the website, an your books are great. Keep up the strong work.

  2. Do you have “anger management issues”, Johnny? Good side is that in an industry full of charlatans and frauds, you and just a few others, who have tried it all, give some good advice. People try a lot of stuff and then stumble upon your blog and learn what real training is.

  3. James L. Welsh says

    Johnny I have been with you a little while and your training is intense but tell me how many men you have on your site over 50 year’s of age your definitely in better shape than I am but I’m in better shape than most men in my age group most say after 30 you’re not going to get any stronger which I know is wrong if I was to compare myself to the average working man I have surpassed them in physical conditioning. Before I found your site I was in pretty good shape but now I’m in better shape So Keep up the Good work.

  4. Imagine if this was the “WOD” workout of the day in some expensive fancypants crossfit gym or club. It’d get laughed at without anyone even trying it and they’d go back to plying with their rings and light bumper plates. Meanwhile this workout would have smashed them into the floor and they’d still have time to go home and get dinner ready before their husbands get there.

  5. Good article. I agree 1000%.

  6. Hi Johnny: I love your posts and have all of your books including the 5 minute workouts. However, I’m wondering what good would it be to cripple myself especially if I have to rumble sometime. Isn’t it better to train for performance??? You mention you never run long distance anymore but sprint but it seems like your bodyweight calishentics are like long distance workouts instead of powerful sprints. Just a thought… You can’t sprint all day meaningfully.

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