100 lb Overhead Heavy Bag Walk and Throw – 100 yards

100 lb Overhead Heavy Bag Walk and Throw – 100 yards

Johnny Grube working with 100lb heavy bag

When I talk about real world functional strength I talk about situations
I have had in over 30 years of being a laborer. I have seen many many
with bad backs,shoulders,knees. Most comes to lack of real functional
strength. Real functional strength is built by using your body as one
unit, it’s never about isolating any muscles or looking pretty.

Taking weight gain and supplements won’t help build any type of functional
strength as a matter of fact steroids won’t build functional strength. Steroids
will actually weaken the tendons and ligaments of the body and cause more

The only real way to build real functional fitness is to train functional when
ever you can. You want your body to operate like a machine, a machine
that can move, bend, stretch, reach, jump, run,twist, turn and climb without
getting hurt.

You can’t fool your body into thinking it’s functionally fit, your body will
let you know. I gave up trying to be the real big guy or that ripped to shreds
guy, I found it doesn’t matter what you look like it’s how your body responds
to the rigors of functional training.

There are a lot of experts who will tell you they are experts and will tell you
how to be functional fit, but few are functional fit. Functional fit is not the guy
with the 19″ arms it’s that little dude over there throwing tons of concrete
in the back of a truck, it’s that guy pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow
of stone.

Training with awkward type movements, unbalanced, no place to grab makes
training that much harder and builds functional fitness. I see a lot of men doing
farmers walks and I would love to know where in real lifeĀ  you would be
carrying two of the same objects of the same weight in your hands at the same

Try doing a farmers walk with 100lbs in only one hand, doing that will force
your body to tighten and work the muscles on the opposite side of the body
forcing the body to try and stabilize. Try shouldering a weight, sand bag
Heavy bag on one shoulder and squat or try to squat down and pick things

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Well constructed post.

  2. I love the heavy bag workouts but have not found a durable heavy bag. Do you recommend a bag that I can use for throws? Do you just get a bag and duct tape the ends? My last heavy bag lasted 3 workouts.

  3. I was at the gym this weekend and I saw a Navy SEAL doing an interesting workout with a heavy bag.

    He would pick it up, shoulder it, and then slam it down to the floor as hard he could. He would do 8-reps and the switch to the other shoulder.

  4. I do the same workout 80lb heavy bag 50 times each side brutally tough.

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