Weighted Ab Wheel Rollouts And Samson Chair Will Make A Man Almost Inmovable!

Most men will tell you 100 lbs is not a lot of weight because most men sit on their ass all day, and then go to the gym to bench press, squat and dead lift.

Most men lifting a 100 lbs NOT on a balanced bar would find out 100 lbs can be pretty heavy!

I sometimes use a 100 lbs to do hundreds of reps to mimic manual labor.

I also use weighted barbells to do Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts, because of the difficulty pulling back the weight back to the starting position.

Making regular Rollouts much easier.

Most people can’t do one Standing Ab Wheel Rollout let alone a weighted one.

It’s one exercise that brings total body strength in to play.

Another thing I use 100 lbs for is weighted Isometrics holds like the Samson Chair.

Holding a Samson Chair for 90 seconds with 100 lbs is tough.

Holding the weight under you forces you to push harder through the floor, pushing harder in to the wall to keep the weight from dragging you down, it is brutal on the legs and your conditioning.

Holding weight on your lap is easy compared to holding it under you.

Not all weight is created equal.

If you think two exercises like The Ab Wheel Rollouts and The Samson Chair aren’t beneficial to all outdoor activities, including grappling you are watching to many super hero movies, and taking selfies.

These two exercises will make a man almost impossible to move!

Grab 100 lbs and make that 100 lbs heavy!

Johnny Grube


  1. I personally choose the Horse Stance over the Samson Chair, but still I am building stronger legs.

    Keep kicking ass Grube.

  2. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Wildman has the highest quality content of REAL LIFE fitness training on the net!!!!! Time for another book Mr.Grube!

  3. Appalachian Wildman Thanks!

  4. Marovsky says

    Hmm, I wonder how strong I really am, being able to perform over 200 pushups without stopping.

  5. Marovsky, that’s a shit load! Be proud!

  6. Marovsky says

    @Johnny Grube

    Hell yeah, doing over 200 in one go is a feat only a very few could achieve. That really is an achievement!

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