100 Weighted Step Ups / 100 Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts in 6 Minutes!

So how much can you get done in the shortest amount of time?

I train like a wrestler, as intense as possible for the allotted amount of time I set for myself.

Most people train like they are training for a marathon, taking breaks, staying in the gym
longer than necessary, because its cool to hang out in the gym, sitting on the end of the
bench after a 10 second set, with a three to five minute rest between sets, because you are

Strength is NOTHING without conditioning!

You can be strong and NOT conditioned, but almost impossible to be conditioned
and NOT be strong!

When I talk about conditioning, I’m not talking about long slow drawn out exercise, that
make men weak, exercises, like jogging, or slow long distance running, its almost foreign to
the “Fitness Culture” to go balls to the wall, without a lot of breaks in between.

I don’t train just to train, I have a mission when I train, it’s to be as focused as possible,
and to accomplish the goal I set for the day!

I prefer training in solitude, in my house, backyard, garage, in a park, on the side the road
where ever a workout happens!

Weighted Step ups/ Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts

A great workout that will test the most conditioned man, is a workout of weighted
Step ups and Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts, both are old school exercises that I spend
a lot of time on, because of the great benefits both provide, in a short amount of time!

When I do Step ups I do them like I’m trying to go somewhere, I do Ab Wheel Rollouts
like a machine!

The Workout:

100 Step ups wearing 20 lb ankle weights (10 lbs on each leg) and 100 Kneeling Ab
Wheel Rollouts as fast as possible NO REST.

I did 2 rounds the last workout, the first round I did in 6:32

I rested 2 minutes, and did another round.

The 2nd round I did the next 100 in 6:30, 32 seconds better than the
first round.

You can call the first round a warmup!

20 lbs don’t seem like a lot of weight, but on your ankles there is a big difference, it’s
tougher than a 40 lb back pack or weight vest.

I completed weighted 200 weighted Step ups/200 Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts in
under 15 minutes with a two minute rest!

Give the workout a shot, see how fast you can do it!

You will build working man’s legs, and a punch proof core!

Johnny Grube





  1. I rarely use the ab wheel to workout, but yet I can still do STANDING ab wheel roll outs.

  2. “but almost impossible to be conditioned and NOT be strong” This applies to high rep work. A lot of “experts” say that high reps only build endurance or conditioning. What the FUCK? They don’t realize that the muscles are kept under tension longer versus doing low rep work, as long as they don’t lock their joints out. The more reps you do, the more pounds you move in total.

  3. @Marovsky

    Not that I focus on aesthetics but my body has always looked the best ripped as shit doing high rep work . Always conditioned and strong as fuck. Those people that push heavy lifting are sadly misinformed

  4. @Chuck

    Same here brother, building muscle while burning fat man.

  5. Long live John Grube and his training philosophy!!!

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